The Writers Of 'Carriers' Are About To Get All 'Selfless' On You - Bloody Disgusting!

The Writers Of ‘Carriers’ Are About To Get All ‘Selfless’ On You

Alex and David Pastor, who wrote the viral pandemic film Carriers are returning with the thriller Selfless. It’s got a cool concept that’s teetering on horror so we’re gonna keep our eye on it until we can assess if it qualifies for coverage. Endgame Entertainment and FilmDistrict, who are coming off of the amazing looking Rian Johnson film Looper, have teamed up to produce.

Per Variety, “Endgame Entertainment and FilmDistrict will co-finance thriller ‘Selfless,’ jointly acquiring the screenplay by Alex Pastor and David Pastor (‘Carriers’).

The film, “centers on a wealthy older man who discovers he’s dying and pays to have his mind transplanted into a younger man’s body. When he discovers how his new body was acquired, he defies the company who provided it and is hunted by armed mercenaries.

Sounds like it has some elements of Repo and could be ripe for some Cronenbergian imagery. What do you think?

  • Joe-Banger

    This story concept reminds me of an old episode of the twilight zone or tales from the crypt where a wealthy old man trades his entire fortune for a younger and stronger body! But in the end he loses everything including his girlfriend who ends up with the body donor. Even though he gets the old body he also gets the all the money and the hot girlfriend! Seems kind of ironic.

  • PatrickxJonathan

    Sounds a little out there, but I’m interested. Enjoyed Carries more than I probably should have.