Nicole Kidman Wants Her Memory Back In 'Before I Go To Sleep' - Bloody Disgusting
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Nicole Kidman Wants Her Memory Back In ‘Before I Go To Sleep’



The new thriller, Before I Go To Sleep, hasn’t started shooting yet but it does have a sales poster as it heads into Cannes. Nicole Kidman (To Die For, Eyes Wide Shut) had previously been rumored to be starring in the film as it was being set up – but I’d say either a deal is done or she has a pretty firm attachment agreement or else they wouldn’t be trying to sell it based on her name. The film will be written and directed by Rowan Joffe (who directed Brighton Rock and wrote 28 Days Later along with The American). It’s based on a source novel by S.J. Watson.

The film is, “based on the worldwide bestselling novel about a north London woman who wakes up every morning remembering nothing. Her husband tells her she suffered a trauma and that she dare not leave home. She sneaks off to a doctor who gives her a small digital recorder and urges her to play back her thoughts day after day in hopes of re-integrating her mind. She does. It works. And that’s when she comes to realize that the man sleeping next to her… is not her husband.

Sounds like it could be pretty cool if handled right (then again, that could pretty much be said about anything). Head inside for the sales poster.