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New Black Ops II Zombie Mode Details Emerge: Will Support Eight Players And Twice The Zombies

That’s right, hot on the heels of the Black Ops II reveal earlier this week are some details regarding the game’s highly anticipated zombie mode. Honestly, I look forward to kicking rotting zombie ass with my friends more than I do pumping terrorists full of lead in the campaign or getting my butt kicked in the multiplayer. It looks like Treyarch has gamers like me in mind, because the zombie mode in Blops II will be twice as big, literally, as it was in previous games. That means a brand new multiplayer engine that supports twice the players–that’s eight players for anyone struggling with the math–bigger levels, more game modes, and twice the zombies. Head past the break for some frame-worthy art that would look perfect on my wall.

At this point I think it’s safe to say we’re just one Call of Duty away from the zombies mode becoming its own game.

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  • PatrickxJonathan

    I don’t feel this is good news at all. The great thing about zombies when it first started was the simplicity and strategy involved. Now the maps are far too large and intricate. I would rather play the help room with one other person than Moon with 3 other players. 8 is going to feel way too clustered and it just add for more dumbass kids opening every door.

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      Still better than Modern Warfare. Also, I’m more excited I can play the zombie mode with more friends. I don’t think I ever went on with a bunch of strangers.

  • turtlenipple

    I can’t wait for this. In the past I’ve had to choose which 3 friends to play with when I definitely would have liked to add a few more, especially with the larger levels. A lot of people complained about the bigger levels but I thought it presented MORE strategy than just running in circles around the smaller maps like Kino, Five and Ascension. I know that come release I’m going to be hopping straight into zombies with the single and multiplayer of the regular game as an afterthought, as cool as it looks.

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