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[OMFG, WTF, SAY WHAT?] ‘EVIL DEAD 4’ In The Works — Sam Raimi Suing To Stop It?!?!

I literally just had my mind blown, courtesy of this article at THR, and it more than warrants my ridiculously obnoxious headline. According to the website, a fight has broken out over who has rights to do a new sequel of the 1981 horror classic, The Evil Dead.

Apparently, Award Pictures says it plans to make a fourth film in the series. Yes, the long-promised Evil Dead 4. Renaissance Pictures, formed in 1979 by producer/director Sam Raimi, producer Robert Tapert, and actor/producer Bruce Campbell for the purpose of making the first film, is suing Award Pictures for the sequel rights, which is interesting considering they’ve abandoned any talk of Evil Dead 4 and started production on the remake, Evil Dead, April 11 with FilmDistrict and Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures.

Anyways, the interesting bit that comes out of the article is that this potential coming film is allegedly interfering with Raimi’s own plan to make his own sequel for Sony Pictures and FilmDistrict. But Award Pictures isn’t laying down. The company is using Raimi’s own comment in a 2000 book that he would never do a sequel as proof that the Evil Dead trademark was abandoned. The company now says it is the primary trademark holder of the film title.

Skipping ahead a bit, Renaissance says Award Pictures’ planned film entitled Evil Dead 4: Consequences, is intended to cause confusion to consumers, and also says that the key plot elements and character names “would inevitably infringe Renaissance’s copyright rights in The Evil Dead.” Alleging trademark infringement, false advertising, injury to business reputation, Renaissance is asking for an injunction against further infringement and further monetary damages.

You can read the lengthy article by clicking here, but let’s all have a little chat about this right here, right now. While it’s sweet to hear that Award Pictures would be moving on the inevitable Evil Dead 4, there’d be zero input by Raimi and Co. Therefore, it would probably be some bullsh*t direct-to-VOD sequel that 100% wouldn’t star Bruce Campbell. Do we even want that? I’d rather sit and hope that Raimi comes around and one day delivers on his promise than have some company half-ass a bullsh*t sequel in the vein of Asylum garbage. Good luck Raimi!

What say you?



  • bambi_lives8980

    Say… whaaaat?

    • RZR666

      I don’t care who makes it but as long as Bruce is back then they can take my money!

  • Aaron Emery

    Without Raimi and Bruce there is no sequel. I would rather see part 4 never happen than see some irrelevant DTV cash in.

  • Lionel-Cosgrove

    I’m also in the Raimi camp. I’d like to see Evil Dead 4 as much as the next guy, probably way more then the next guy, but I also wanted to see a re-make of Day Of The Dead and look how that turned out.

  • EvilDeadFridaythe13thfan

    Lionel, I agree with you on that, Day of the Dead remake with Nick Cannon was garbage. I don’t know, I want to see what they can come up with for a sequel. I prefer sequel over the remake.

  • Jasonicus

    As much as I know this is a horrible idea, Raimi brought this on himself.

  • babagloom

    SHUT IT DOWN! Yeah!

  • DeadEndMike

    This is Sams baby. I want a part 4. I think every fan of these amazing movies wants a part 4. In the end it should remain up to the creator if he wants to continue the gruesome tale of Ash Vs. The Evil Dead.

  • Nothing333

    Raimi deserves to win this. It’s that simple. Legally though I’m not sure what will happen.

  • doctrina

    good news for him, but i think because of the special effects that in use today this part will be the worst. Part 1-2 are one of the best zombie/splatter movie ever because of the special effects. good frainchise name.

  • bonerghost

    Hopefully this will make Sam reconsider a remake. I doubt it will, but you know if the ED4 fans start taking sides again, this could get ugly.

  • zaglewiz

    I’m not taking any sides in this matter. I’m actually tired of hearing about it. Its either do it or don’t! I myself as a fan hate this wishy washy bullshit that they’ve been throwing at us for years with either a remake or a sequel and then nothing. Knowing the way it is they’ll probably do both and they’ll both suck.

  • Cozen

    There is no legal precedent that stating you will never do a sequel relinquishes your rights to a trademark. This is ludicrous and Award Pictures has no case. Renaissance will eat them for breakfast if this ever makes it to court. If by some chance this flick is made, may it be lumped into piles in the local Wal-mart parking lot and steam rolled like a Vanilla Ice tape (which was out of line BTW). Don’t even pretend you weren’t bumpin’ some Ice!

  • czerro

    This is very weird. I’m guessing there is something more to this…like a sloppy contract that someone wants to cash in on. I’m sure this movie will be awful. It’s got a colon in the title! This is a 100 percent indicator that the film will suck. This Film Sucks: The Suckening Begins.

  • nahdontthinkso

    If I had heard this news a year or so ago then I would be super pissed. But with Sam Raimi and the rest of the crew having already thrown away any real continuation of the series on this dreaded upcoming re-make of the Evil Dead then who cares? At this point there’s no way of us REAL Evil Dead fans ever getting what we want anyway, a fucking sequel to Army of Darkness with the REAL Ash (despite whatever age he may be now.) Which ever route they go, whether it be a re-make or a sequel without the original crew, we’re doomed to experience it without the almighty Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi’s unique camera maneuvers. With out those 2 things then no matter what I’m unsatisfied. I’d rather it had been just left at the legendary trilogy, always wondering how sequels could have played out had the original cast decided to make them. I’m not excited for a Sam-less or Bruce-less Evil Dead sequel and I’m quite disgusted with ANY re-make being done.

  • scarletsimple

    Honestly, I don’t want to see a remake AT ALL let alone a remake without Raimi on the set. This is kinda bullshit.

  • H666

    after seeing crap like Creepshow 3 with none of the original talent involved you can just tell this will be beyond horrible

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