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Preview: ‘Marvel Zombies Detroy!’ #1

I’m pretty sure the last edition of Marvel Zombies, “Christmas Carol”, didn’t do so hot, but Marvel is still intent on pushing it out. Regardless, it is a fun series, and who doesn’t love seeing their favorite Marvel costumed heroes turn into flesh hungry monsters? “Zombies Destroy!” offers and alternate history storyline where the Nazis won WWII, which has never, ever been done before. The book will feature Howard the Duck and his army in an onslaught against the Nazi Zombies. Take a look at the preview below.

WRITTEN BY: Frank Marrafino
ART BY: Mirco Pierfederici
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

At long last! The BEST-SELLING Marvel Zombies franchise returns!

• A.R.M.O.R. is called upon to rescue a reality where the Nazis won WWII… with ZOMBIES!

• Howard the Duck brings in Nazi-fighter extraordinaire DUM DUM DUGAN and a squadron of fighters known as Ducky’s Dozen!



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