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Seth Grahame-Smith Says ‘Beetlejuice 2’ Is A Straight Sequel, Other Characters Possibly Returning

I met up with writer Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Pride, Prejudice And Zombies) today at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills to talk about Dark Shadows. While he’s made a name for himself with his novels and has several high-profile screenplay credits on the horizon, it’s his first major release as a screenwriter. We had a nice long chat about the film, the bulk of which will be hitting later this week. But I figured I’d go ahead and share his update on Beetlejuice 2 with you guys. It’s not too much different than updates he’s offered in the past, though things seem to be progressing – and he’s acknowledging that some other favorite characters may return.

I have to ask, what’s that status of Beetlejuice 2?

The status is everyone’s waiting for me to get off my ass. I’ve met with Michael Keaton about it, I’ve met with Tim [Burton] about it. Warner Brothers is obviously eager. But right now the ball’s in my court to sort of crack the story that will make it worth of doing this again. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it to you. I don’t want to have to look fans in the face and apologize for making a bad Beetlejuice movie, because it’s one of my favorite movies. And I don’t want to make anything just because I can. I don’t think Tim would participate [with those motives in mind] and I certainly know Michael wouldn’t. If we get something worthy…

Any chance of Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis or Winona Ryder’s characters returning?

It’s all possible. In terms of the story, however many years that are between the two films will be the amount of years that are between the two story lines. It’s not a reboot or a remake, it’s a straight sequel with Michael Keaton returning as Beetlejuice.

Check back later in the week for the rest of the interview. Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows stars Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, Chloe Moretz and Helena Bonham Carter. It opens this Friday, May 8th.



  • killrobot

    “I don’t want to have to look fans in the face and apologize for making a bad Beetlejuice movie” YES. Every update makes me want this more and more.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Unless dead people can age, I don’t see how they’ll bring back Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin. It would be cool to see Winona Ryder return though.

    • EvanDickson

      Alec Baldwin came back to life and let himself go? I dunno.

    • Lern2Swim

      Well, luckily, there’s not actual rules for whether or not ghosts age since, you know, it’s fiction.

      I don’t remember there being any statements in the first movie that would make them aging not fit the in-film “canon.”

      • WalkingDeadGuy

        I still think it’s a good idea to keep a sense of reality, even in this time of film. The age thing is just my opinion…No one ever said Vampires couldn’t glitter, but damn if it wasn’t a stupid idea.

        • WalkingDeadGuy

          Oops, *this “type” of film*

  • Raze55

    He could have just added some extra ectoplasm.

  • babagloom

    Pleeeeeease give me CGI everything. I’ve always wondered how crappy Beetlejuice would’ve looked if made during the CGI age.

  • Eville

    AH! I wanna see this movie so bad! I can’t wait until it comes out! I’ve waited forever to hear about this film!

  • personally i think a beetlejuice 2 movie would be great why. people still love the B-man young and old. hes one the original dead guys with superpowers. i’ve seen alot of movies over the years after the beetlejuice movie where the main character or the bad guy is dead comes back to life and somehow has powers unlike no one has ever seen basically trying to kill or haunting who ever ya know.but beetlejuice is one of the original dead guy with super powers just like jason voorhees, freddy krueger & michael myers. if they take a look at the animated series and see how many love the series they should follow the story in the animated series thats the only way to go these days have Lydia and the B-man best friends where B-man is his self but Lydia keeps him happy & busy because half the movie would go before we get to see the B-man and last time he looked this time have him around from start to finish have him fight some guy thats worse then him.make the B-man feel as he is over the hills, out of order,obsolete ya know. where something happens to Lydia and he has to save her in his own freaky way lol.because the movie wont do so well if they follow the 1st movie having Lydia think the B-man is grossly annoying. people want to see them as best friends because there both weird they deserve each the netherworld more often. have most the story where Lydia travels to beetlejuice’s place just like in the show the story should really follow the animated series.if your going to say no we want it to follow the 1st movie then your out of date dudes let go of that fantasy.if the movie is going to fly in todays world we need 5 things to change 1st the story following the animated series 2nd have someone else play the young Lydia not Winona Ryder cause we all know the story its self will be like 2 or 3 years since the last movie & having Winona Ryder (age 40) play a young Lydia thats probably 20 something will look very weird.3rd the movie will need more of beetlejuices past who is he,whats his real name,when was he alive what happen to him, how he die etc etc. 4th they need to follow the B-mans white and black striped purple inside shirt suite with black long tie just like the cartoon it was a better suit for him not the movie one where he looked like a prisoner from a really old jail movie.5th the movie needs actions scenes every horror movie these days has some more then others because just scaring people isn’t enough people want to see the B-man use his powers to fight someone thats worse then him to say the day in his own way if the movie is gonna have some comedy like last time then we need to see some freakness some horrorness and some action for this movie to fly these days.

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