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Octomom Starring In ‘Millenium’? No Thanks!

I’ll give just about anything a chance. Except this. This will take some serious “wow factor” in regard to the final product to sell me. What final product would that be? Millenium. A new film written and directed by Kevin Clark and Manzie Jones that stars Nadya Suleman (aka “The Octomom”). First off – to be saying it “doesn’t look all that good” would be me being polite. Secondly, this woman is allegedly deep in debt and probably mentally ill. If reports are correct, she can’t afford to feed her 14 kids. She has real issues. And while I appreciate the possibility that she thinks this is an avenue towards rectifying that – I can offer assurance that it’s not. Even if this movie actually made something like 30 million dollars (which is of course way off – it’ll probably make less than 30 thousand) her cut of that still wouldn’t be able to put food on the table. There’s a time and place to try and make it in showbiz, and it’s before you have over a dozen children.

I find the whole thing exploitive. I’m not even sure what the producers hope to gain from this – making this movie effectively kills their chances at legitimacy. The only reason I’m even posting it is to illustrate some of the treacherous, sad realities of Hollywood. The teaser is pretty much just the Octomom laying on the ground and moaning.

The poster is included below. These geniuses put the billing block on the side, which is just as well. I only looked at it to get a mental image of a film I’m now going to avoid. Thanks to Michael for the heads up.



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