[Podcast] "News From The Crypt" Ep 49 & "Aural Pleasures" Ep 10! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Podcast] “News From The Crypt” Ep 49 & “Aural Pleasures” Ep 10!



I constantly find myself missing new articles while I still learn to navigate the back end of this massive new web endeavor, which is why I’m a bit late is pushing out to you guys the latest editions of News From the Crypt and Aural Pleasures.

This month on “News From the Crypt,” the crew jumps into the elevator to see what lies below The Cabin in the Woods and take a trip to the The Devil’s Carnival road show. Also, Horror Guy Keenan interviews the composer of “Silent Hill: Downpour and Dexter,” Daniel Licht, while Tex hangs out with director Don Coscarelli to talk about his adaptation of John Dies at the End. You’ll find all that and much, much GORE by reading below or typing ‘Bloody Disgusting” into iTunes.

In the below tenth episode of “Aural Pleasures,” Adam, Jonny, and Bill take a moment to discuss a woman who got pregnant at a Megadeth/Motorhead show before launching into a topic that is near and dear to their hearts: video games! The trio go over some of their favorite video game soundtracks, from the glory days of 8-bit beeps and boops to some very recently released titles. The boys then end everything, as usual, with some recommendations for you listeners.

Also, Bill and Jonny get a big scare when it sounds like Adam is suddenly physically assaulted during the recording and Bill is forced to open a package that may or may not contain a severed head. Check it all out on this edition of “Aural Pleasures”!


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