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The Dead Space 3 Rumor Mill Continues With Possible Co-op, Weapon Tweaks And New Enemies

Dead Space 3 is almost definitely the game EA teased us with earlier this week, and if these new rumors prove true, Isaac Clarke’s next outing could be significantly different from his last. According to a source at IGN, the game could feature two-player co-op, tweaked weapon functions and new player abilities like crouching and evasive moves. Head past the break for more delicious details!

Keep in mind that none of this is confirmed, so with that said, here we go.

A source at IGN had some very intriguing bits of news that will either make you excited or a little worried about the direction the series is headed. For starters, there will be drop-in, drop-out co-op with Isaac teaming up with a man with a scar on his face and equipment similar to Isaac’s. Add this to the snowy new locale of Tao Volantis, which was also mentioned in the report, and my initial opinion is EA is taking Capcom’s approach to nabbing Dead Space a bigger audience. Dead Space 2 sold better than its predecessor, but EA still wasn’t enthused by its overall sales, so taking the series out of the claustrophobic space stations and onto a potentially brighter environment with added co-op and new player abilities sounds a lot like what Capcom did with Resident Evil 5.

The co-op sounds like a separate mode; if you want to go it alone you won’t have to deal with an AI partner, but if you’re looking to strategically dismember some Necromorphs with a friend, you have that option too. That’s a very good thing. You’ll also be able to heal and share ammo with your partner, but there won’t be a revive system. I’m not sure if I like the idea of reloading to the last checkpoint just because my friend isn’t even half the Necromorph-slaying badass that I am. I earned my fucking foam finger, now cover my back you idiot. Who am I yelling at? The game isn’t even out yet? I don’t care, now give me your ammo so I can shoot you in the knee and leave your ass for dead. But we’ll have to start at the last checkpoint? No wonder you have no friends, you’re ANNOYING. Where was I? Oh yeah, co-op.

Players will also work together (using telekinesis, for instance) to interact with pieces of the environment. In addition, you’ll be able to share ammo with and heal your co-op partner, although there is no revive system — once someone’s down and dead, both players reload the last checkpoint.

As for the weapons, several look to have been tweaked in the sequel. The Plasma Cutter sounds like its seen the biggest changes as it now has a Force Gun-esque secondary fire. The Pulse Rifle now features saw-blades as its secondary fire, and the workbench has also seen some tweaks.

Isaac has changed a bit since we last saw him. For one, he’s crazier. Also, it seems he’s been getting in shape, because now he can crouch and perform a left/right evasive roll. No word yet on a backward roll, but please, EA, give it to us. Also, when you’re telekinesisizing objects you can rotate them, so that’s neat.

Telekinesis functions in a more complex manner, as you’ll be capable of rotating items rather than just holding them, which plays into Dead Space 3’s puzzles.

How does all this sound to you? Do you like the idea of an optional cooperative mode? Do evasive rolls fill you with an uncontrollable rage? Let me know.

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