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The Binding Of Isaac Is Getting An Expansion Of Epic Bite Sized Horror Proportions

The Binding Of Isaac is a super adorable, super gory and twisted awesome game for the PC, Mac, and Linux. The game looks very similar to the dungeons in the original Legend Of Zelda. Those with knowledge of bible stories know The Binding Of Isaac is a told in the bible. The games story is somewhat of a spin off or retelling. It’s a pretty cool and twisted story in which Isaac’s mother hears a voice from above telling her that her son is filled with sin. She takes away all of his possessions that are considered to be evil, and that turns out to still not be enough. So she locks him away in his room, and while that still isn’t enough, she is convinced to kill her son. He escapes just in time through a trap door in his floor. More on the DLC past the break as well as a trailer.

On May 28th Wrath Of The Lamb is coming to Steam. The Wrath Of The Lamb expansion will include more than 100 items, 5 chapters, 20 enemies, 15 bosses, an unlockable character, and a final chapter.



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  • goasklucy

    Plays like a Crawl game with a fucked up, Super Meat Boy twist. Cannot wait for this. Will easily pay whatever they ask.

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