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This Thursday ‘The Sigil’ Invades The Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival

Running May 15-20 in Burbank, CA is the Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival with Thursday, May 17 holding the premiere of The Sigil.

Brandon Cano-Errecart directed the film that stars Cano-Errecart, Devan Liljedahl, Miki Matteson and Matthew Black.

Rockford, Illinois. Local boy Logan Lewis is reported dead along with 41 others at a house in Los Angeles, California. The story makes national news. The government releases an official statement blaming an undiscovered uranium mine found underneath the house. The bodies, over-exposed to radiation, have been confiscated – never shown to family or the public. The house is ruined and destroyed.

Broken and confused by her brother’s death, Devan seeks answers and reconciliation. She recruits her close childhood friend Nate to travel with her to California and make peace with Logan’s death. Nate, caught up in the conspiracy, brings along his friend Brandon to document it all on video. They journey to the house in search of the truth, but what they find is unlike anything they ever expected. For not everyone in the house that night is dead.

Check out the poster and trailer with more at the official website.



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