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What Do You Guys Think Eli Roth’s ‘The Green Inferno’ Will Be?

It was announced this morning that Worldview Entertainment will finance and produce The Green Inferno. This will be the first time director Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel, Hostel 2) steps behind the camera in over 5 years. He’s been busy acting (Aftershock, Inglourious Basterds) and producing. He’s also probably been busy doing what I would be doing if I had the comforts that come with profit participation on Hostel, taking it easy and not rushing into anything. Waiting for the exact right project. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The only real information included with today’s announcement was that the plot points on the horror-thriller remain under wraps and production is set to begin in autumn in Peru and Chile. And that Roth, based on his original story, co-wrote the screenplay with Aftershock co-writer Guillermo Amoedo. So what’s it about?

The smart money seems to be on… Cannibals.

On our original News Bites announcement BD Reader bambi_lives8980 commented, “I would believe that Eli Roth’s new project dubbed ‘Green Inferno’ will be a sort of cannibal, third world survival horror flick, for several reasons. Firstly, Roth loves ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ (not sure about Ferox, but these types of movies for sure). Secondly he’s wanted Ruggero Deodato to make a sequel to Holocaust for years, if I remember correctly, but it just hasn’t happened yet, god knows if it will. Thirdly and lastly, wasn’t ‘The Green Inferno’ the name of the film-within-the-film in ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ where everyone gets killed and eaten?

Let’s talk more inside…

Over at Badass Digest, Devin Faraci wrote a thoughtful article speculating in the same general territory (he also cites Hostel 2 as the best Roth film, which I agree with in many ways). Per Faraci the title, “will ring familiar with fans of 1970s cannibal movies like ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ and ‘Make Them Die Slowly’, as it’s what the Amazon rain forest is sometimes called in these wonderful Italian gore pictures. In fact ‘Cannibal Holocaust II’ (no relation to the original) was in some places titled Green Inferno… and is considered the last film of that particular cycle. So it’s fitting that Eli, a student of these sorts of movies, would try to start it back up with a film with the same title.

If The Green Inferno is indeed a cannibal film I’m betting Roth is backing off his 5-year-old email to Nikki Finke (around the time of Hostel 2) that his next directorial effort would be PG13.

This all makes sense to me. What do you guys think?




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