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Diablo III’s Secret Level Is Way Cooler Than Axe-Wielding Cows

Diablo fans will remember the secret Cow Level in Diablo II where you fought the most terrifying evil of all: hell bovines. Forget Diablo and his hellish siblings, because legions of battleaxe-wielding cows is where the terror’s really at. The secret Cow Level might’ve been a little strange, but this newly discovered area in Diablo III takes the rainbow-colored cake. Back when the game was first revealed, some fans of the series weren’t all that enthused about its colorful new look. Now, Blizzard has immortalized their frustrations in the Whimsyshire–a realm that’s brimming with rainbows, unicorns and other amazing things. Also, I want to live here. Check it out after the jump.

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