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TV: Like “The Walking Dead”? Here’s A Sneak Peek At Season 3

So the third season of The Walking Dead has been shooting for a week or two and we already have a video from the set featuring a bunch of behind-the-scenes shots and interviews with the cast and creative team. The Governor, Michonne and more are disgussed and we get to see a decent amount of gore. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of the show – you don’t want to miss this.

The show, “tells the story of the weeks and months that follow a pandemic zombie apocalypse. County Sheriff Rick Grimes travels with his family and a small group of survivors, constantly in search of a safe and secure home. But the constant pressure of fighting off death on a daily basis takes a heavy toll, sending many to the lowest depths of human cruelty. As Rick struggles to keep his family alive, he will discover that the overwhelming fear of the survivors can be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth.

Head inside to check it out.



  • Nabe666

    I can not wait. Maggie looks freakin hot all bloody.

  • Taboo

    I’m so pumped for season 3

  • turtlenipple

    Awesome. So excited for this.

  • djblack1313

    i’m mostly looking forward to this….mostly.

    • Nothing333

      Lol dj, seriously that was a great way to put it. Hesitantly optimistic.

      • djblack1313

        LOL! thanx Noting333! i must have ALIENS on the brain today! LOL.

        • djblack1313

          oops, i meant Nothing (not Noting! LOL). damn lack of an edit feature!

  • brooklynpsycho

    I’m beyond excited for season 3. I completely love this show. Can’t wait!!! 🙂

  • undertaker78

    No sight of Lori… hmmmm….

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