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[OMFG] Two Brothers Bust Out An Awesome Castlevania Acoustic Guitar Medley

Stumbling across awesome YouTube videos isn’t really that hard of a chore. I mean, how many YouTube videos are there? The number is probably in the billions by now, right? Tens of billions? Meh, whatever, I’m straying from the point. Finding awesome videos isn’t that hard but finding awesome videos that I want to share with YOU, my lovely readers, is something completely different!

Below, you can see a video from YouTube user SuperGuitarBros as they acoustically jam through several Castlevania tunes. The song was actually recorded as part of a greater soundtrack of Castlevania jams from several different musicians. The compilation, entitled Vampire Variations, is available for free download here. I’ve snagged it but I haven’t had a chance to peruse it yet. Here’s hoping it rocks!

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