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Dead Island Game Of The Year Edition Is Official, Also Pretty Cheap

I like Game of the Year editions, even though Game of the Year seems to have lost its meaning over the years. It’s since been changed to something along the lines of “all-in-one edition,” since nowadays pretty much any game can bundle all its DLC and slap on a GotY label. If you’re patient enough, this edition always offers the best bang for you buck, as it brings with it the game and its DLC, and for a budget price. I have Fallout 3 and Borderlands GotY editions sitting at home right now, patiently waiting for me to come home and neglect them again in favor of more Minecraft. In case you missed Dead Island when it released back in September, now’s the time to get your hands on it–that is, unless you don’t have it yet because you don’t want it, in that case, please carry on. More info after the break.

Just as you’d expect, this version of Dead Island will come packaged with the Bloodbath Arena and Ryder White DLC, making it one of the lighter GotY editions, in terms of content. Dead Island didn’t have as much DLC as I would’ve liked to see, and the expansions that did come out were either a little uninspired (Bloodbath Arena) or bizarrely single-player exclusive (Ryder White). Here’s hoping Dead Island 2 does better in that department.

The Dead Island Game of the Year edition will retail for $29.99–a damn fine price for it in my opinion–and will be available sometime this summer.

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