Mick Garris Mixes "The Outer Limits" With "Mad Men" In 'Invasion' - Bloody Disgusting
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Mick Garris Mixes “The Outer Limits” With “Mad Men” In ‘Invasion’



Director Mick Garris (“Bag Of Bones”, “The Stand”) is taking a break from adapting Stephen King books into miniseries in order to tackle Invasion, a 1950’s sci-fi show which is being described as a mix between “The Outer Limits” and “Mad Men”.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, “Invasion, a title selling in Cannes by Little Studio Films, represents a change of pace of director Mick Garris, who made his name in the horror field… the writer-director is now making his first foray into science fiction. Even more interestingly, period science fiction. Garris described Invasion as The Outer Limits meets Mad Men, a time of “men in ties and hats and when you thought you could trust the government.”

A.J. Ferrara wrote the script which “Centers on a woman reporter trying to show a male-centric newsroom that she is more than just “boobs and a skirt.” In trying to step out of the style pages she’s been relegated to she uncover the truth behind an alien invasion.

The project is currently looking for its female lead and Little Studio is selling the rights at Cannes. Head inside for a look at the sales art.


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