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[BD Review] ‘Men In Black 3’ Stumbles Hard Out Of The Gate, Recovers Nicely

It’s no secret that the production for Barry Sonnenfeld’s Men in Black 3 was a troubled one. In the film Will Smith travels back in time to 1969 in order to save a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) and avert a world-ending disaster. This is a time travel movie that started shooting without a completed script – a well known recipe for disaster. Miraculously, the film isn’t a disaster. In fact, even though its first 20 or so minutes are absolutely terrible, it winds up being a fairly decent movie.

When Will Smith heads back to 1969 and finally meets up with the young Agent K (played by the always great Josh Brolin) the film kicks into gear. And while it may not be a high gear, at least it’s moving forward. Ironically, the chemistry that Jones and Smith are unable to achieve early in the film comes quite easily when Brolin is brought in to pinch-hit. And while his performance may start out as an impersonation of Jones’ work – it quickly and quietly grows into something else.

Men In Black 3 is in theaters May 25th from Columbia Pictures. Tommy Lee Jones, Jemaine Clement, and Emma Thompson also star. Click here for the full review. Don’t forget to return this weekend and write your own!



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