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[Interview] Glenn Danzig Talks “Legacy” Tour, New Covers Album, And More!



In a few days, legendary punk and metal vocalist Danzig will be hitting the road for several tour dates across the States. On four of these dates, Danzig will be joined by ex-Misfits guitarist Doyle. The other dates will be “Legacy” sets, featuring music from The Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig.

In anticipation of these dates, Bloody-Disgusting got the chance to ask Danzig a few questions about the upcoming tour, his upcoming album of covers, his thoughts on the Internet and its effect on the music industry, and his love of horror. You can read the exclusive interview below.

Bloody-Disgusting: How are you doing?

Glenn Danzig: Good, how are you doing?

BD: Not too shabby! So listen, I know you’ve got a CD of covers coming out soon that is still untitled and the full track list isn’t out yet either. What was the inspiration and passion behind this?

GD: Well, I wanted to do a cover record for a few years now. Actually, the song “Devil’s Angels” I’ve been wanting to do for about 30 years now. I just decided to make time for this covers record because I’ve been wanting to do it for years and years and years. There are some very eclectic covers on there, things that people won’t expect.

BD: I know there are going to be covers from Elvis Presley and Black Sabbath. Are there any others that you’re really excited for people to hear?

GD: Well, the track listing will be out soon enough. But yeah, it’s a very, very eclectic mix. There may be a duet on there, I’m not sure yet. We’ll see. But recently I did a cover of a ZZ Top song, which a lot of people might wonder why [laughs].

BD: You’ve got several shows coming up with Doyle for the “Legacy” tour. What’s it like revisiting those parts of your past as well as playing with Doyle again?

GD: I have no problem with it. I wrote all that stuff and I’m proud of it. It’s tough doing the “Legacy” shows. Luckily there are only four “Legacy” shows out of the nine dates. The rest are standard Danzig/Doyle shows. Those are much easier because the “Legacy” shows are two hours and there’s not a lot of time for me to relax in between sets, like a minute or two minutes [laughs]. It’s enough time to run off stage, change my shirt, flip my hair back, and then run back out! So, it’s not a lot of time.
But people have been responding ecstatically to these “Legacy” shows, so we’ll do these final ones and that’ll be it.

BD: Your career has spanned now for decades. How do you feel that the past 10-15 years, with the Internet, has changed the music industry landscape?

GD: My thoughts are probably that the Internet is a great thing and that it’s also a terrible thing [laughs]. You’ve got a great way to connect right to your fans. You don’t have to wait through a magazine or anything. Lots of cool things about the Internet. But then you have the Internet “hater retards” who are destroying the Internet for everyone. So yeah, a great thing but a terrible thing. Anything can be abused.

BD: You’ve always shown a respect and admiration for horror and the horror community. When did this interest and passion begin?

GD: When I was a little kid. I loved horror movies when I was a little kid. The first time I saw a horror movie I was like, “Wow! What is this?” There’s something definitely attractive about it.

BD: Out of pure curiosity, what are some of your favorite horror films?

GD: Oh god! I love so many movies [laughs]! There are just too many. Because you can like movies because of the FX or because of the story or because of how cheesy they are, like Plan 9 [From Outer Space]. Now you can watch it and think, “Wow, this is terrible!” But back as a child it was different because the monsters looked cool.

BD: You’ve got the covers album coming out and you’ve also got the upcoming tour dates. What else is in your future?

GD: I’m gonna be directing some horror stuff. I think we have a Satanika 18-year anniversary comic coming out in October.

BD: Glenn, it’s been a pleasure talking to you and I wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavors!

GD: Thanks man! Take care!

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