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Super Rare PRS Guitar Stolen From Staind’s Mike Mushok

My heart nearly breaks every time I hear that a touring musician has gear stolen from them. This isn’t just gear to them, it’s literally the tools that they need to perform their job. These thieves are taking away the means by which a musician is earning a living. I’m also willing to bet that these jerks don’t even know the difference between an E minor and a C major chord.

On top of that, I’m a bit of a guitar admirer. No, scratch that. I love looking at exquisite guitars and the very thought of someone stealing a beautifully crafted instrument fills me with blinding rage.

So upon hearing the news that Staind guitarist Mike Mushok had one of his custom PRS guitars stolen two nights ago in Little Rock, Arkansas, I got a little irked. Then I heard that said guitar is a custom 7-string and my head nearly exploded. For those of you who don’t know, PRS doesn’t do 7-strings. They have pretty much mastered the art of crafting gorgeous 6-strings that guitarists the world over desire so why worry abut 7-strings?

Well, it actually turns out that they have created a few 7-string guitars. But only two. That’s right, the guitar that was stolen from Mike Mushok was one of only two PRS 7-strings in existence. Hence the near head explosion. There is a picture of the guitar below (my god, it’s beautiful).

Mike is only asking that the guitar be returned. If anyone has any information, Mike has set up an email account to which you can send it:

On a personal level, I know of the other 7-string. It’s a gorgeous custom guitar that I craved for years. I was actually trying to save up for it but I realized that dropping five figures for a guitar when I’m not in a internationally touring band was a bit excessive. So, in a weird sense, I feel somewhat connected to this guitar.

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