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Metro 2033 Giveaway: What Do You Fear?

There can never be enough post-apocalyptic games set in a labyrinthine maze of tunnels below Moscow, I always say. In case you missed it back in 2010, we’re giving away three Xbox Live codes for Metro 2033–one of the most brilliantly atmospheric survival horror games I’ve ever played. It’s haunting and bleak, and it’s a game you really shouldn’t miss. As per usual, entering to win one of these codes is easy peasy; all you need to do is comment on this article telling me what you fear the most about living in an apocalyptic mutant-infested wasteland. Is it the idea of starving to death? Dying slowly of radiation poisoning? The creatures who live on the surface, itching for a chance to tear you apart? Or perhaps it’s the idea of living a life without your game console of choice? Let me know!

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