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Metro 2033 Giveaway: What Do You Fear?

There can never be enough post-apocalyptic games set in a labyrinthine maze of tunnels below Moscow, I always say. In case you missed it back in 2010, we’re giving away three Xbox Live codes for Metro 2033–one of the most brilliantly atmospheric survival horror games I’ve ever played. It’s haunting and bleak, and it’s a game you really shouldn’t miss. As per usual, entering to win one of these codes is easy peasy; all you need to do is comment on this article telling me what you fear the most about living in an apocalyptic mutant-infested wasteland. Is it the idea of starving to death? Dying slowly of radiation poisoning? The creatures who live on the surface, itching for a chance to tear you apart? Or perhaps it’s the idea of living a life without your game console of choice? Let me know!

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  • ev_rock

    I’m assuming there’s no electricity or running water in this post-apocalyptic wasteland, in which case, I’d fear the smell.

  • AaronDaMiller

    After watching films like ‘The Divide’ and ‘Blindness’. I would say the biggest fear is people who break under the pressure of not being able to handle their new surroundings. The ones who lose the moral compass and act out on their more basic instincts.

  • BornVillian

    My biggest fear in a wasteland is getting to the point where you’re the last man on Earth (or last think you are)and than what? Do you continue living or take the easy way out?

  • I fear the loneliness.

  • srcarli

    As seen in films like “The Divide” and “Blindness”, excessively horny males are a real terrifying threat. But what about the excessively horny cross speciesloving male creatures from Metro 2033??? Brrrrrrr. Plus you can tell no one takes showers so that means you dont even have to drop the soap!!!! Terrifying …

  • TheRealMikeyJ

    The BA in me fears running out of ammo…The realist in me fears the unknown.

  • turtlenipple

    I’ve always liked to think I’d keep a good head when faced with the apocalypse.. but given the location, Russian is a scary language when spoken with an angry tongue, once that started chipping away my psyche I’d start fearing the real shit like starving or becoming someone or somethings ‘woman’ in chains that once they’ve lost use for something to roast alive over already used coals..

  • in a post apocalyptic mutant infested world i’d be afraid of any encounters with scary monsters,people or anything in between in closed spaces (houses,small buildings, etc.) i’m gonna assume we can still get guns and stuff so i would prefer distance between me and whatever wants to eat me luckily i’ve watched more than enough post apocalyptic horror movies to know that i wouldn’t go into those spaces anyway.

  • I always thought the chance of being betrayed by the unturned people would be far more terrifying than and zombie or mutant that you know their agenda: to ruin your shit at any cost.

    Imagine being backed up against a wall and having to put your life into the hands of someone you just met a couple days ago. No thanks!

  • Freddropdead

    I would fear breaking my glasses as I bent down to grab a book to pass the time.

    But for real. I would fear having to live in a world where all my friends and loved ones perished and there wasn’t a damn thing i could have done to save them. I would fear no nuclear threat, no monsters… only fear would be living amongst the guilt of “why me”….why did I survuve

  • FederalGhoul

    My biggest fear is other survivors. People go apeshit when their internet goes down, just imagine when nothing works and the “working class” has to relearn to farm, a hunt for food. People will take the easy way out and do whatever it takes to survive. People pushed in a corner is terrifying.

  • KidNickles

    My biggest fear would be of the dark. In the light you can always see what you are dealing with, and thus have a way (most of the time) of devising a plan of sorts to kill or do away with what ever might be your enemy. But it is in the dark that you can’t see or don’t know what you are up against. It could be any number of things, most of which are most likely apex predators of one sort or another, all capable of doing horrible things or inflicting unfathomable amounts of pain, ultimately leading to your demise. It is in the dark that ALL things should be both respected, and feared.

  • What do I fear about a nuclear holocaust? Its hard to gauge a response to that but the one thing that scares me the most would be the screams of those less fortunate to survive. Hiding from the things spawned from the fallout only to hear a less fortunate person be torn apart by a mutation or cannibals trying to survive…And when its dark you never know if the screams are closer than you think.

  • I guess what I said above should have said fear but sorry. I fear the screams of those less fortunate.

  • Nabe666

    I fear Mitt Romney will be in charge of the new world.

  • I am terrified of staircases. I fear that the apocalypse will only bring more stairs.

  • Eville

    I’m terrified that everyone will mutate into that damn satanistic purple dinosaur known as Barney. At which point I’ll have to get a apocalypse survival kit and slaughter that damn ugly dinosaur and feed the meat to some rabbit.

  • zombie81

    “Mm. Well for me, the worst way would be for a bunch of old men to get around me, and start biting and eating me alive…First, they would tear off my clothes…”

  • dor14bur

    My greatest fear would probably be the fear of slowly going insane. It would be subtle at first. Better be extra careful because one little cut could cause an infection, and of course there are no doctors around. The thought of having to amputate your limb to save your own life would become consuming. Then the loneliness would start to get to you and every sound would have to be another crazy survivor scoping you out, just biding their time till they find the best way to bump you off so they can claim “Wilson” as their own. It would only get worse from there…

  • dor14bur

    Anyone who gets the Wilson reference gets a Kewpie Doll.

  • DemonFenix

    My biggest fear would be knowing that Adam died before me because he ran out of Midnight Mountain Dew and gave up on the world. RIP Adam, I will carry your cross through the Metro and be sure to check every single vending machine for a Midnight Mountain Dew just for you, because I love you.

  • Orion666

    I think the scariest part would be taking off the part of your armor by your junk so u can take a leak, then a mutant could pop up and tear your scrotum off or radiation could give you testicular cancer, thats scary shit.

  • djmazaka007

    The easily biggest fear of Living in a wasteland would be all the crazy people i would be “chosen” as the last memeber of a 32 man HUMAN CENTIPEDE.

  • PeteyHalfSox

    I just want a free Horror Survival game!

  • spruce488

    As with any post apocalyptic event, my biggest fear is other people with limited resources. Desperate people are far more horrifying and dangerous than any zombie, mutant, or monster. Well….that and no more cold beer.

  • Rot-13

    Toilet paper, the lack of toilet paper and no one making any more.

  • Punk2012

    motha effin cannibals. limited food and water are just gonna make people want to eat me. I was just about to buy Metro 2033. I had to create a new account just to do this. Reactivating my old account didn’t work. My old account “fathermalachi” shall Rest. In. Peace.

  • Daddy-the-Baddy

    All the apocalyptic mutants that read 50 shades of grey…and what the plan on doing about it

  • Certainly the idea of your eyes slowly,painfully burning away, along with the your body from radiation would be awful…the constant burning of flesh and unable to keep food or water down, would have to be the worst way to go

  • vtasrcrds82

    My fear would be the constant need to look over my shoulder. Humans have proved time and time again that when survival mode kicks in, it is survival of the fittest…and damn all who get in the way. I would hope to be with people I trusted, but even then, I would be afraid that they would eventually turn on me if their life depended on it.

  • mairsil

    I fear having full internet access and only being able to access this site…

  • Davin

    I have 3 daughters and a wife, and keeping them safe in that environment is terrifying. Beat that sissy’s.

  • The biggest fear I would have is losing everything important to me, though that would only be the half of it. The other half that would scare me is the how the apocalypse would have came about, considering we built up our civilization over thousands of years only to have everything, all our progess, everything we know to be wiped in such a small time span.

  • Kain989

    I could surviving everything, living through the monster, the food shortage, even fighting my own people. But I’m terrified of getting in a cave in and starving to death. I can’t think of a more pathetic death, then just rotting there waiting to die. Having lived a lifetime of struggle to have have my choice taken away from me is so tragic.

  • Ultrazilla

    I would fear the Reaper most. Wait…no I wouldn’t cause Blue Oyster Cult told me not to! Whew, thanks for the advice Oyster boys! Soo…I instead would fear stepping in radioactive poop.

  • W0rthyTimel0rd

    I fear that my fellow humans wouldn’t understand the pressure of me being the cannibal king! At first they would fight me and my droogies and resist being lower in the food chain. But they will all come to kneel before me and step into the cooker!!

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