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The WWE ‘Leprechaun’ Reboot Is Still Happening



Back in March is was officially announced that WWE would be producing Leprechaun: Origins, a remake of Leprechaun for Lionsgate, and that WWE wrestler Hornswoggle had been cast in the title role. I immediately went into a field behind my apartment and started combing for a four-leaf clover. We need some luck if this is going to be good…

Lionsgate and WWE Films have hired Harris Wilkinson to write the script, said Deadline, while adding that Hornswaggle is signed to a two-film deal (franchise?). Wilkinson last year sold the spec Ink to Paramount and developed a pilot with Len Wiseman at Fox two seasons ago.

No plot details are available, but the flick is reboot of Leprechaun, the 1993 horror movie infamous for the vulgar green-tinged title character (played by an extremely crabby Warwick Davis) and for launching the screen career of Jennifer Aniston.