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Images, English-Subbed Trailer For Thai ‘Distortion’

Sahamongkolfilm International and Cinemasia present the newest movie by Nonzee Nimibutr (Tears of the Black Tiger, The Eye 2), Distortion, which now has an English-subbed trailer. The psychological horror thriller is not in Thai theaters.

A grisly murder on a hot day in Bangkok sets in motion a psychological horror involving four people haunted by nightmares, repressed memories and the darkest past. Keun is a psychiatrist well-known for criminal profiling. He’s sent to help solve the murder and at the crime scene, he meets Tien, a forensic scientist with a traumatic childhood. During the investigation, Keun meets Kwang, a 19-year-old woman whom he first met 9 years ago. Back then, Keun was sent to treat Kwang after she witnessed her father killed her mother. Kwang confessed that her father, a soldier, had been molesting her. Keun and Kwang go to visit Kwang’s father at the prison. But they’re told that the soldier killed himself years ago out of shame. After that, Keun’s mental health is severely disturbed. He suffers from hallucination and sees a spirit dressed like a soldier. Then the second murder happens. The body was horrifically brutalized the same way as the first. Tien, who was once harassed by nightmare about the death of her mother, brings Keun to see a monk. Keun begins to believe that maybe the ghost of Kwang’s father is after him.



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