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E3 2012: Feast Your Eyes On Some Footage From Each Of The Three ‘Resident Evil 6’ Campaigns

Not quite sure what you’re going to get with Resident Evil 6? That’s understandable, seeing as it’s been fairly nonsensical so far. For the unaware, there are three campaigns starring Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, and their respective partners. They’re separate, but at the same time they’re woven together, so at certain points the main characters will meet each other and say hi, maybe go out for a coffee, then return to kicking mountains of ass. Each story plays wildly different from the next and will be roughly the length of the campaign in Resident Evil 5 (that took roughly 4-5 hours assuming you spent a lot of time marveling at the scenery). Check out some gameplay footage from each of the three stories after the jump.

Here’s a bit from Leon’s campaign, which looks a lot like Resident Evil 4, and not just because it stars everyone’s favorite suplexing badass with the amazing hair.

Next up is a section from Chris Redfield’s campaign. His story is more focused on action, similar to Resident Evil 5.

The third campaign stars Jake Muller–Albert Wesker’s son–and it looks like more of a melee brawler. Apparently, the ass-kicking apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Head over to GameTrailers for more Resident Evil 6 gameplay straight from the show floor, including more footage from these three campaigns.

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