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E3 2012: Payday Dev Working On ‘Left 4 Dead’ Prequel

Last month Payday: The Heist developer Overkill Entertainment revealed they are currently hard at work on a collaborative effort with Valve that’s a “very cool blend of Payday and Left 4 Dead.” Not much else about the game was announced at the time, but according to a source at CVG this game could be a prequel to Left 4 Dead. “We are working on a very cool blend of Payday and Left 4 Dead. I am sure it is so exciting that it will have some players check into the hospital before we are done.” said a statement from Overkill regarding the announcement. Could this mean we’ll finally find out how the outbreak began? So far, the Left 4 Dead series has been largely void of a real plot, so some details regarding the cause of the zombie apocalypse in a prequel sounds good to me. What do you think?

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