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DC Releasing Four New Titles In September

DC announced today that, alongside the release of #0 issues for currently running series, they will be introducing four brand new titles into their catalog in September. The books are “Talon”, “Sword of Sorcery”, “Phantom Stranger”, and “Team Seven”. Some new titles continue to re-imagine seminal characters from DC’s past, while others are ushering a new era of heroes such as “Talon”, a spinoff of Scott Snyder’s current “Night of the Owls” event. See more details after the break.

DC announced a few weeks back that they would release #0 issues for currently running titles beginning in September. Obviously, much like the initial reboot, it is a way to gain more readership and allow people to enter a series without being completely lost. While this is a new way for publishers, and if we’re not masking it, it is a marketing ploy. However, it seems to be a good move. There’s no better way to gain new readership than to offer a proper jumping on point that serves as an introduction to the next chapter in the book. These issues will entice new readers and old readers alike, and hopefully bring something new to the table.

Dan DiDio said in an interview with CBR: “You always remind yourself of where you were before you started. We did the New 52 for a reason: because we knew there was a general sense that people were losing faith in our ability to tell stories or just a general sense of apathy for what was going on. Now we’ve got a new level of excitement, and we’re never going to take that excitement for granted. We’re going to challenge ourselves and challenge our material. Now that we’ve met expectations for the fans, we don’t want to ever take them for granted ever again.”

Onto the four new books: “Talon”, as mentioned is a spinoff of he current ongoing in the Batman universe, will be written by Tynion with art by Guillem March, and it stars Calvin Rose and his escape from the Court of Owls. “Phantom Stranger” will be written by Dan DiDio with art from Brent Anderson. “Sword of Sorcery” introduces a little classic fantasy into DC’s lineup, and it will be written by Christy Marx with artist Aaron Lopresti. The series will include a “Beowulf” back-up story written by Tony Bedard with art by Jesus Saiz. Lastly, “Team Seven” will be written by Justin Jordan with Jesus Merino on art duties, and it will explore the early days of the DC Universe.

There’s lots to look forward to from DC in the coming months. Unfortunately, with new titles comes the cancellation of others. With the announcement of the four new books, the cancellations should be announced shortly.



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