[SDCC '12] If You Needed One Reason To Attend: NECA Announces Black & White Freddy Krueger Figure Exclusive!! - Bloody Disgusting
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[SDCC ’12] If You Needed One Reason To Attend: NECA Announces Black & White Freddy Krueger Figure Exclusive!!



Say what? The San Diego Comic Con is so overbearing and overpopulated that it makes you want to vomit? Me too! But there’s something awesome lurking in the darkness of the sweat-stanked convention floor. NECA will be selling an exclusive black & white Freddy Krueger from the comic book sequence of A Nightmare on Elm Street V: The Dream Child! Now there’s a reason/excuse to stand in line and overpay for something.

There’s never been a better argument in favor of insomnia than ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ and for the latest in our series of San Diego Comic Con exclusive items, we’ve got the Gloved One himself, Freddy Krueger, as he appeared in the fifth installment of the franchise, ‘The Dream Child.’ The movie, which came out in 1989, has a cult within the cult of the larger series, and — what really matters — it features some of Freddy’s best kills ever.

Best of all might be Mark Gray. A comic book geek before it was cool to be a comic book geek, Mark fantasized about getting the girl, being the hero, etc. So what did Freddy do? Well, Freddy sucked him into a comic book world, to live out his worst nightmare, of course! He is the dream master, after all. Mark — brave and hopeless soul that he was — fought back by turning himself into his own superhero, The Phantom Prowler, and blowing Freddy to tiny little bits. It didn’t work, Freddy came back to life, turned Mark into paper and sliced him to shreds with his always-terrifying glove.

But, to honor Mark’s efforts and to honor the series as we always do, we’ve included an actual foldable, sliceable paper recreation of Mark Gray with this grayscale 7″ Freddy action figure, which captures the look of that death scene and the comic book world. What could be more perfect for SDCC than a superhero-destroying Freddy Krueger? Well, we don’t really know. That’s kind of why we made it.

Con-Exclusive B&W Comic Book Freddy also comes with a skateboard and his trademark hat, which he just wouldn’t be Freddy without.

Someone pick this up for me, please?


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