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‘Lifeless Planet’ Sends You On A Mission You Will Never Return From

Readers. Pay close attention. There is something about this game that pulls me in like a bee to honey. The mysteries of a seemingly unexplored world get my insides all jibbly. I know, thus far you are wondering what the frak I’m talking about. Let me explain. In Lifeless Planet you play as a lone astronaut who takes on a one way mission with a few others to a planet well outside our solar system. The planet brings promise of being like another Earth. Somewhere we could settle and grow into a habitable world. However, upon landing your astronaut friends go missing leaving you to explore this planet alone. But exploring you find a desolate land, that looks as if it was already temporarily inhabited by the Russians. They are no longer there and that becomes the mystery. Ugh, I can’t wait for this game. You must MUST check out the screens and the trailer past the break.

4th quarter release on the PC, and Mac only. Hopefully if it does well enough it will get ported to the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.




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