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The Infamous Pyramid Sound Studios Faces Possible Demolition

Located in Ithaca, New York, Pyramid Sound Studios was founded by Alex Perialas in 1974. In the 80’s, this studio was responsible for recording artists such as Bad Religion, Anthrax, Testament, Overkill, Agnostic Front, and many more. Not only catering to national acts, the studio also recorded many local artists, solidifying its place as a staple of the local music scene. Now this studio faces possible condemnation in the face of renovations being one to the Clinton St. Bridge. Local officials have their hands tied as, legally, bridge renovation is a federally funded endeavor.

Perialas states, “This is one of those things that is a state and city project where they’re replacing a 70-year-old bridge and its right in our footprint, if you will. With the building of this new bridge, there’s a chance that if they aren’t careful, they could do damage to the studio. I’m currently working with the administration to land on an amicable solution to the situation. This has been a landmark facility for years. We pretty much created a style of music here that people had never heard of before. It would be a shame to lose such an integral part of music history due to this temporary construction.”

Perialas has put together an online petition that can be signed here.

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