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Ninja Exorcist Looks Like Some 2D Old Fashioned Fun



Did anyone get my Human Giant reference? Didn’t think so, moving on. Coming out this month on the Xbox 360 in the Indie Games section is Ninja Exorcist from game devs Nebula Game Studios. The game takes us back to the wonderful days of 2D side scrolling, but of course adding the flash of the future with beautiful backgrounds with hand painted art in 1080p. Honestly the games quality looks like that of most games in the Xbox Live Arcade section, though it will be released in 3 episodes in the Indie section. Judging by the trailer and screens you can check out past the break, the game will feature a decent amount of RPG elements. Which honestly most games need nowadays to keep people hooked. Check out the goods past the break and keep an eye out for Ninja Exorcist’s 1st episode in the Xbox Indie Games section soon. All 3 episodes will later be released together on the PC.


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