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[WTF] Convert Your Cremated Remains Into Vinyl Records For Your Loved Ones

Alright, I’m gonna chalk this story up as one of the more crazy yet awesome things I’ve read. And Vinyly is a company that will take your cremated remains and mix the ashes into vinyl records (up to 30) with whatever choice of music you desire. These vinyl records are then given to friends, relatives, enemies, whomever you so desire after they are completed. However, this process is NOT cheap. Packages start at £3000, which is just over $4,700, and this only allows for a total of 24 minutes (12 minutes per side). The company also doesn’t assume responsibility for any copywritten material that is submitted.

Personally, I think this is a very creepy yet awesome idea. On top of being able to give people a taste of your personal favorite/most important music, can you imagine the horror movie plots that could come from this? Poster tagline right here: “She thought she’d hear his soul. She never expected to fight for her own.”

What about you readers? Would you do this?




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