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From ‘The Crow’ To Motion Capture Genre ‘Blink’

Diego Latorre, who shared with us a batch of unused concept sketches for Relativity’s The Crow reboot, e-mailed us regarding a new project in production.

Entitled Blink, Latorre has enlisted Fele Martinez, Macarena Gomez and Eduardo Casanova to star in his motion capture animated genre short. There are no plot details, only an official website and the above behind-the-scenes video. We’ve updated the story with the following synopsis and stack of concept art after the break.

Lucio is a shy teenager who dreams about Greta every night. She’s his dreams girl. He prefers spending his time dreaming rather them living his life. He thinks real life is ugly and people unreal. Such thoughts make him get hooked to close his eyes and slip away from real life.

Just Lucio, Greta and a misterious knight who holds the reins of a dead horse are in his dreams. This knight resembles a homeless man of real life who talks to dogs, tries to ride them, makes strange figures with helium balls. He affirms to be mad for having been engendered in dreams.



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