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Pair Of Retro Posters For Indie Trash Cinema-inspired ‘Midnight Show’

Silver Ferox has released to poster to Newt Wallen’s upcoming love letter to trash cinema Midnight Show.

Featuring cameos by Loyd Kaufman (as Hitler), Gilbert Godfry (as an Indian Chief), Lemmy from Motorhead, internet faves Underbelly and Brentalfloss, 2010 American Idol fave Bernadette Desimone, and Marvel comics legend Tom Smith and Neil Volkes of monsterverse comics “Flesh and Blood.”

The pic features content by Adult Film director Chris Spotto and Dead House Musics Mars Home World. The second poster is by Sideshow pictures artist Marc Schoenbach.

Midnight Show is said to be a love letter to trash cinema shot in the vein of Amazon Woman on the Moon and Kentucky Fried Movie. It features disco planets, crab monsters, cowboy clowns and sexy girls with big…guns….and thats just a start…




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