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[Contest] Comment To Win Some Badass ‘Metro: Last Light’ Swag

Hey there. How are you? Good, I hope. Historically, Tuesday’s tend to be largely uneventful. That’s why I’d very much like to ninja kick that trend squarely in the jaw–because I can totally get my leg up that high, no problem–by giving away some Metro: Last Light swag. Who doesn’t like free swag? Nazis, that’s who. A few weeks ago I gave out a few codes for Metro 2033, but this week the prizes are a little more tangible. They’re things you can touch, fondle, maybe even rub your face on them a bit, no one’s judging here. Head past the jump for more.

Here’s what I have:

x2 L Shirts
x2 XL Shirts
x3 Posters

This means there will be four winners, with three lucky people getting a poster/shirt combo and a fourth who will get a shirt.

Here are the rules:

I want you to comment on this article telling me what you’d bring with you in the event of a nuclear Armageddon. The bombs are dropping, all the shit that can hit the fan is totally hitting it and you only have enough time to bring one thing with you. In order to weed out the boring comments, this assumes you already have plenty of weapons, ammunition, food and water. I want this to be personal, so it doesn’t need to be necessary for your survival. It can be a family photograph, a pet, a blow up doll you’re particularly fond of, etc.

Winners will be chosen on July 6th, so keep an eye on your PM inbox around that time.

In case you need a little extra motivation–though, seriously, all you have to do is comment–below are a few pictures of the prizes. We need to find these bad boys a home, otherwise I’ll be forced to plaster my walls with the posters and wear all four shirts at once. I’d look ridiculous, and no one wants that.



  • That’s a rather nice Poster. I quite like that.

  • i would bring my red mentaly retarded cat named garfield he doesnt miauw much but is a great mouser and tends to warn me of danger

  • paprodigy

    well since you have all the basic’s covered. i think i would grab my greg biffle sunvisor hat. thats the thing i grab any other typical day when i leave my house.

  • E4GLEyE

    I would grab the old Bible from the table in the dining room.

  • Lion7718

    I’d bring my dog, he could let me know when someone’s around…and if things get bad…I can always eat him.

  • The Ex wife’s head on a stick

  • Thelovedones154

    I Would bring a portable DVD player with Ghost Rider 2 inside and pray that if it is the last movie in the world that it will finally be good….

  • alienxphile

    I would run right past the family photo albums and other priceless sentimental items and grab my signed Rachel Weisz poster. There is just no other way. 😀

  • Fueltanker

    A key. I work at a jail and I would bring the master key for it so I will have a place to sleep and tons of food to eat. I would leave all the inmates locked up of course so I get all the food to myself so I can live longer. Plus we have back up generators and stuff so power for awhile.

  • Slampig

    I would totally bring my sober brother, not only is he all preachy nowadays but I am faster than he is, human shield and I am out!

  • Ultrazilla

    I would bring my giant purple dildo. Not only would it keep me company, but I could wield it as a deadly weapon if need be. I’m not the only one who ran out and bought one right after playing Saint’s Row The Third, right guys? Guys…???

  • The original Star Wars Trilogy Blu-Rays. After the world started to rebuild I would claim there were no prequels.

  • smish34

    If there was an apocalypse i would probably bring something like a photo-album. Not only to remind me of friends and family that might not have survived, but also the ones of places and landmarks, could be used as currency. In the new world, paper money isnt going to get you anything

  • BornVillian

    I would bring my giant binder full of plays. I got a good 20 different kinds packed into it, ranging from comedy to serious drama to classic Shakespeare. After Armageddon people will need smiles and entertainment.

  • purplek


  • zombie81

    A vanilla Jello pudding pop

  • Blood-Sicles

    I’d have to bring my Beast Busters Second Nightmare (Hyper NeoGeo64) motherboard. Now that the world’s been destroyed, I might actually have time to get the machine running.

  • Calwin

    I would bring my ol m1 grand 🙂 and also my 2 dogs, trusty pals who would alert me to danger, also maybe like one of those rechargeable flashlights that just need to shaked

  • youvegotredonyou

    My resident evil edition xbox360 with gears of war faceplate…

  • SilentlyWeeps

    Sunscreen… that way my insides fry first.

  • PatrickxJonathan

    a gun with a single bullet so I wouldn’t have to live through it. For anyone who’s played Metro knows death would probably be better than surviving. Also, I’m a fatty. XL please.

  • Keith

    Can I count my Stephen King collection as one thing? Yes? … No? Okay… then… The Dark Tower III: The Wastelands. Killing Shardik was cool but the city of Lud was even more awesomeness.

  • JRod365

    I would bring my senior yearbook. That way, when things got real, I would always be reminded of the past where there were no worries except homework and pointless drama. It’d probably keep me sane and human.

  • Alexandr

    In the case of a nuclear Armageddon, I would take with him a diary (with entries and photographs), in which I am doing writing since childhood. He would have reminded me the old, forgotten and destroyed the world in which we lived, loved, and often smiling. In addition, I would take with him some food, the most important for all occasions medicaments, as well as firearms, as a means of protection. After all, the main enemy in this world will be none other than the man himself who will be in the eyes of others to turn into a bloodthirsty monster, gnaw through all of the pharynx, to fight for the last piece of food, with the last drop of water and all this in order to achieve a unique and important to him goal – to survive! And the most important and significant to me – vsluchae nuclear Armageddon, I would take with him his family, which is very dear to me, if they were next to me. And of course, they would like and I would take with him something important and necessary. 🙂


    Can we take anything? I’d take all my best friends and all my family!

  • Nightingale

    I’d take my pug, Sloth. obviously

  • Nothing, because all I could profiteer after a nuclear Armageddon

  • I would bring the smartest person in the world. (He lives next door.) Then we could rule the Metro. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • DDexGaige

    I would have to bring my Jack Russell Terrier, Jack. He may be old and small, but he sure acts like a thug still. Plus I couldn’t leave him alone to be eaten by savages.

  • J-SiN

    Suzie blow up doll, definitely. My porn collection will be rendered useless with no electricity, and I have to think of priorities, right? She could be my “Wilson,” but with benefits.

  • Devastator

    Vodka, balalaika, a cap with ear flaps.

  • A rubber….I’ll just have to flip it inside out a few times for those special moments……

  • Food will not get a lot, water too … Because I’d picked up a rubber woman, then I will be in the subway and water and food: D

  • I’d take a dump with all the articles of Wikipedia (the Russian version is 1.5 GB, English – 8 GB) on a flash drive. After the war, to restore the technology, and the article will just be interested in reading.Still need to be engaged than those after the shooting of mutants 🙂 Also, I would take a netbook or other device on which you can view the article.
    After all, someone has to rebuild the world after a nuclear war, even if it is not I, but with the help of my information 🙂

    Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  • I would take: Flashlight, batareiki, passport, clothes, canned food, a knife (s), tools, weapons (any), a couple of books, family, friends, cat. 🙂

  • Jordy1

    Want the poster!!

  • Eville

    A picture of my family because my family is to heavy to drag with me.

  • Daddy-the-Baddy

    My dog Buddy. He tends to get quite psychotic when anyone or thing comes near me that he doesn’t approve of. Quite handy indeed.

  • Teddy_Picker

    A couple of books, for selling, and my dog.

  • Jordy1

    Need that poster!!!


  • magnetoelectric

    Id have to make sure I didnt forget my collection of Spray Paint caps. Post apocalyptic America needs graffiti art

  • I would bring my phone, because it has photos of everyone important to me, oh and the charger because in metro artyom has a handheld charger, and if my peoples survive i can still text them and be like wtf just happened!

  • kiperenok

    I’d brought with him the journal Playboy )))

  • ipod hands down i’m going to be on my own i might as well have some badass music to go with the scenery

  • I would bring a cape with me. I’ve always wanted to be a superhero and who doesn’t want to be a one during the end times? Swag not included.

  • CoreyJ

    Bottlecaps. Lots and lots of bottlecaps.

  • my ipod, my dog, toilet paper(you always need toilet paper), my 12 gauge semi-auto w/ LOTS of ammo and, a lighter.

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  • Vidammacko

    My diablo 3 collector’s edition. It makes me feel epic. Also reminder of the old times, when giving a fortune for something useless was prety usual. 🙂 (Only if plenty of food and drink includes vodka)

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