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Visual Effects Behind The Scenes Video For “Walking Dead” Season 3 Teases A Lot, Shows Very Little

AMC’s third season of “The Walking Dead” is in the midst of production and, while it will be a while before it starts airing, the network has not been shy about keeping the show on everyone’s radar. This behind-the-scenes video with Visual Effects Supervisor Victor Scalise shows a lot of cool stuff from Season 2, and hints a little bit about what’s to come in Season 3. Unfortunately since we’re still some months off from the show’s premiere we’ll have to wait to see any actual footage.

The show, “tells the story of the weeks and months that follow a pandemic zombie apocalypse. County Sheriff Rick Grimes travels with his family and a small group of survivors, constantly in search of a safe and secure home. But the constant pressure of fighting off death on a daily basis takes a heavy toll, sending many to the lowest depths of human cruelty. As Rick struggles to keep his family alive, he will discover that the overwhelming fear of the survivors can be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth.

Head inside for the video.



  • djblack1313

    pretty interesting!

  • SelfishMan912

    holy shit o_o impressive to say the least

  • killrobot

    yeah really cool, i don’t mind cgi when done right… meaning it doesn’t take you out of the experience by being too obvious and actually adds something instead.

  • EvilDeadFridaythe13thfan

    I agree with killrobot. If CGI is done correctly and isn’t distracting then it can be cool. I didn’t realize how much CGI work was done with this show, it’s incredible.

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