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Star Alex Russell Says Josh Trank May Not Return For ‘Chronicle 2’…

Bloody Disgusting stringer Maria Lewis (@moviemazz) writes in with some first word on Chronicle 2!

It was one of the surprise hits of the year, so what’s unsurprising is that Chronicle is ‘definitely’ getting a sequel. Australian actor Alex Russell played one of the teen-turned-superheroes and said his character Matt is the focus of the follow-up film.

That’s the plan,” he said.

(Screenwriter) Max Landis is working hard on that right now.

He’s dropping hints here and there all over the world, he loves to keep people sweating.

Russell – who recently arrived in Toronto to begin work on the Carrie remake – said he speaks regularly with Landis about Chronicle 2, but the screenwriter is keeping him in the dark about specific plot points.

He doesn’t tell me a lot, but I’m really excited to see what he’s got ready to pull out of the hat.

Chronicle was such an incredible thing and he wrote that in two weeks. It didn’t change much from that script to what we shot.

Although Russell and Landis are returning for the second instalment, the 24-year old said he was less sure about director Josh Trank. The writer/director – who made his feature debut with Chronicle – is highly sought after with rumours circulating that he’s working on everything from Spider-Man spin-off Venom to the Fantastic Four reboot.

I’ve heard that he might not be available and I’ve heard he wants to do it, so I’m not sure,” said Russell.

I’d love if he did. He was really, really fantastic.

It was pretty amazing that it was his first job. If it was his fiftieth job it would be equally amazing.

It’s that extra special piece of trivia that this film was crafted by a first time filmmaker.

By the same token I’d like to see what a different director does with it and see a different spin on it.

I think we’re in for a good Chronicle 2 regardless.

Chronicle is out on DVD and Blu-ray now. – Maria Lewis



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