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Thanks To Skyrim, ‘Resident Evil’ Creator Has His Eyes On The Open World Genre

It would seem that Skyrim has had quite an impact on Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. In an interview with PSM3, Mikami said “I started playing it when it was released, though right now I’m terribly busy and have had to stop,” something I’m sure a majority of us who have entered Bethesda’s beautifully crafted world can understand. I recently jumped into the game again to check out the new Dawnguard DLC, available now, and I was immediately reminded of the insane amount of detail that was applied to every single thing in that game. Apparently, Mikami agrees. Head past the break for more.

“It’s a fantastic game. Just amazing. To have such a huge open world and so much freedom is wonderful, and the gameplay too is so varied; all those parameters and details that you can tweak and that affect the game. The characters are great too.” I’m sure what Mikami means by that is the characters are great, except Lydia. Every time I try and ask her to carry something she goes on a tirade about how she was “sworn to carry my burdens.” If she wasn’t such a badass in her Daedric armor I would’ve FUS-RO-DAH’d her whiny ass to the curb.

Mikami thinks the open world genre is still one that feels relatively fresh, it isn’t overcrowded yet. The few that are there are hugely successful, including Red Dead Redemption, GTA, Saints Row, Skyrim, etc. With that success more companies are undoubtedly going to spend a little extra time trying to nab a slice of that taste open world pie.

Mikami also expressed interest in creating his own open world game, though on a scale that would be doable by his modestly sized Tango Gameworks studio. “We don’t have hundreds of staff, so I’d keep it simple. I’d introduce one major rule, but within that you’d be free to play it however you like. It would be a game that mixes the best of the old kind of games with this relatively new open-world concept.”

I’m trying to keep my fantasies of an open world horror game designed by the one and only Shinji Mikami to a minimum, but it’s just so hard.

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