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‘Red Valley’ Zombie Short Out Of New Zealand Made For Pennies!



Director Matt Barnes e-mailed us a story we couldn’t refuse, especially because their 5-minute short is pretty good.

A bunch of mates and I here in New Zealand decided to make a shoestring budget fake trailer. Except we didn’t really even have enough money for the shoestring. All we could afford was ingredients from the supermarket for fake blood and a load of clothing from a charity shop that sells it by the kilogram,” Barnes tells us. “And so, we made “Red Valley”, a pisstake of action/ horror trailers involving the crazed Colonel Bay sending in his all-female elite fighting team to a valley infested by post-apocalyptic cannibal mutants to rescue a General…or at least his eyeball.

The end result involved over 70 people, none of which were paid a cent…even the guy we set on fire.

Bailey Palmer, Kathryn Jackson, Rachel Crofts, Claire Kirby, Amelia Jenkinson, Jason Gascoigne and Anrik Drenth all deserve some praise for helping out their friends.


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