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Want Into The Dust 514 Beta? Well, Buy Some DLC.

I’m friggen excited for Dust 514. If you want into the beta as bad as I do, you can either wait to be chosen at random, or, you can purchase the Mercenary Pack and automatically gain access to all betas until release. The price, 20 bucks. Supposedly a 50 dollar value. Like they tell you in all those infomercials. You want the mini schticky? Buy the regular schticky and we’ll include a million more for free. A bazillion dollar value, yours for just $19.95, call now to order. Head past the break for all the goods you get in the Mercenary Pack.

The contents of the Mercenary Pack are:

4,000 Aurum ($20 USD value) – the in-game currency for DUST 514 that you can buy in the PS Store
30-dat Active Skill Booster – increases earned Skill Points (SP) by 50%
‘Dragonfly’ Scout Dropuit – a uniquely designed armor with unlimited use
‘Toxin” ICD-9 Submachine Gun with unlimited use and a custom skin
HK4M Shotgun X 50
Hacked Drop Uplink x 50 – allows players to create on-the-spot spawn points for their teammates
Fused Locus Grenade x 50
1.5dn Myofibril Stimulant x 50 – offers players a temporary melee damage boost against opponents
All Access Beta Pass – allows players to participate in every Beta Event, as well as additional play sessions during off weekends

Now if you’ll excuse me I have 20 dollars to spend. If you want in, you can get the pack from the Playstation Store. Exclusively on the Playstation 3.


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