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[Boredom Bytes] It Sucks Being A Bad Guy, Getting Funky In ‘Skyrim’, I’m In Love With ‘Halo’

Slow news days suck. They mean I don’t get to write quite as much as I’d like to and you don’t get a sufficient dose of gaming awesome that only Bloody Disgusting can provide. That’s why I’ve decided to remedy days like these with a swift kick to the face in a brand new series called Boredom Bytes. Whenever you see one of these you’ll know you’re about to be entertained, because hidden inside each of these will be a gooey center consisting of funny/weird/random videos and miscellaneous other byte-sized bites of gaming-related awesome. Head past the break for our first batch of funny, including an insanely catchy Halo song, some funky dancing in Skyrim, and a look at how badly it sucks to be a video game bad guy.

These folks don’t seem to care so much about the vampire menace that’s been unleashed upon Skyrim–they’re getting funky, and even the looming threat of being drained of all your blood can’t beat getting jiggy in a giant heart made of corpses.

I never really thought of it, but it sucks being a bad guy in a video game.

I’m going to go ahead and apologize ahead of time for this one. Once you hear ‘I’m in love with Halo,’ you will literally never get it out of your head. It will never go away, making it the musical equivalent of herpes.

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