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Exclusive Preview: ‘Sunset’ Graphic Novel

If you’re anything like me, you love classic crime fiction by the likes of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. There’s just something about the raw, and gritty feel that you don’t find in any other genre. Christos Gage’s new original graphic novel, Sunset, revisits classic crime/noir fiction to deliver a tale of vengeance, backstabbing, and treachery. The comic follows Nick Bellamy, a former mob enforcer who – after losing everything – takes it upon himself to go out with a vengeful bang. Alongside Gage is Jorge Lucas, lending his exquisit black and white artwork. BD has an exclusive 10-page preview of “Sunset”, which is due to hit shelves on July 18th.

WRITTEN BY: Christos Gage
ART BY: Jorge Lucas
PUBLISHER: Minotaur Press/Top Cow
RELEASE: July 18th

SUNSET, written by CHRISTOS GAGE (Avengers Academy, GI Joe: Cobra) and artist JORGE LUCAS (THE DARKNESS) is a self-contained, black-and-white hardcover graphic novel published in the signature Minotaur Press digest format.

In the noir tradition of Chandler and Spillane, comes a two-fisted tale of revenge and redemption. On the surface, Nick Bellamy looks like any other veteran retiree left behind by a modern world. In reality, Nick is a former enforcer, who stole a fortune and years of freedom from his former mob boss. Now, in the twilight of his life, Nick will lose everything except two things: revenge… and the chance to die with his guns blazing.

“I couldn’t be more excited or honored to be part of the very first original graphic novel from Top Cow and Minotaur Press. And their release of the $1.00 preview book containing the first chapter ensures everyone can sample it for a bargain price,” explained writer Christos Gage. “Once people see Jorge Lucas’ hard-hitting art and witness Nick Bellamy snarl hipsters into submission – not to mention kill three armed mobsters with a lightbulb, a paint can and some drain cleaner – I hope they won’t be able to resist reading the rest of the story!”

“I was proud to work on Sunset, and thrilled that the epic story of Nick Bellamy will be seen at last! I hope all readers will enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed drawing it,” added artist Jorge Lucas. “Christos Gage is an amazing writer, who has built a real thriller in the spirit of film noir and the great road movies.”

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