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[Random Cool] Theme From ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ At Susan Tyrrell’s Memorial Service

Cult icon Susan Tyrrell (Forbidden Zone, “Tales From The Crypt” Fat City, The Offspring) passed away on June 16th in Austin, Texas. Her memorial service was held this past Thursday at The Alamo Drafthouse and Highball Lounge. She was definitely a renegade and she would have most certainly appreciated the title of her service – “Susu’s Rotten Memorial” – which was loosely named after her one-woman operetta, “My Rotten Life”.

I didn’t know Tyrrell, but I am dear friends with both Yvonne and Josh Lambert and both of them knew her well. Yvonne in particular was a constant in Tyrrell’s life (and Tyrrell in hers). From speaking with her it’s clear that Tyrrell left a hugely unconventional and loving mark on the lives of those she cared about. She was a source of strength, but not in the dour or humorless manner that you might expect from that statement. So it seems fitting that her memorial was equally unconventional. On that note here’s Josh and Yvonne (from The Octopus Project) performing the theme from Rosemary’s Baby. It was a last minute addition – so they only had time to practice it once – but I think it’s both a fitting number for the service and an interesting interpretation of the theme.

Yvonne explains the significance, “She once made me play the song over & over again in my car (it’s one of my favorites and she liked it too) while she told me all about Roman Polanski and how much she hated him.



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