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Trailer & Poster For New Indie Slasher ‘The Bench’

Thanks to Avery here’s the first official trailer for Scottish feature-length horror movie The Bench from Quarantine Films.

Directed by Sean Paul Wilkie, and starring Carmen Pieraccini, Jennifer Byrne, Matt McClure, Christopher Summers and Ilaria Nardini, “The story goes that there is a room, in the middle of the woods and if you enter it – you will never come out!

There is a legend, of a boy called Chester Oakes. Chester lived with his Father in a cabin in the woods. His Mother died during childbirth. His Father would hunt and trap animals and cut them up to sell the meat at the market in town.

One day Chester’s Father never returned from hunting and when Chester found him, he was caught in his own trap. Well Chester had never been right, he did the only thing he knew to do with an injured animal…he cut his Father up – in the basement – on The Bench.

He was never seen again and now six kids are staying at that cabin for the weekend and they just found the room and it’s only a matter of time before Chester comes home and one by one they have to face THE BENCH.



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