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[Boredom Bytes] Gaming With The Reaper, ‘Left 4 Dead’ On The Vita, Real Life ‘Day Z’ Sucks

I hope all of you have your fingers intact after the explosive firework shenanigans that took place last night. I do, but that could be because I spent my night watching Alien/Aliens while playing Dawnguard. Pathetic? Maybe. Today I have some pretty fantastic byte-sized bites of gaming awesome for you, including an answer to the long-asked question of where we all go when we die (hint: it includes gaming with the Grim Reaper), what Left 4 Dead would look like on PS Vita, and how bad the Day Z mod for Arma II would suck if it were real. Check them out after the jump!

This one’s my favorite. I especially love when the Reaper notices the kid’s (man’s?) masturbatory materials. Look kids, do what uncle Adam does and hide your gear in your roommate’s room. That way no one will find it, though you do risk the chance of someone else using it, but really, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I suggest skipping about a minute into this video, because that’s where the real meat of it begins. If the Vita got a port of Left 4 Dead, and preferably one that controls a little more intuitively than this one does, I would be on that like me on that Domino’s pizza I got last night to go with my Alien/Dawnguard marathon. Still sad? Ok, just checking.

When I first heard about the Day Z mod for Arma II, I was intrigued. After hearing a few horror stories and realizing that when there are no penalties for being a dick–in fact, in a way the game rewards you for dickish behavior–I decided I’d rather not jump in. Still, this video is funny.

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