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The Crossover Event You’ve Kinda Been Waiting For: ‘Vampirella Vs. Fluffy’

Well, it’s not exactly Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but Dynamite is offering the closest thing they can without getting sued for copyright infringement. So what you get instead is a hack version of Buffy, called Fluffy, and she will be taking on the busty vamp in a new “crossover” event. Rahner says he has plans to pit Vampirella up against other popular vampire icons, which you can read more about below. The one-shot issue is written by Mark Rahner and drawn by Cezar Razek, and it’s set for release this October.

Official press release:

July 9th, 2012, Runnemede, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment is having some fun with Vampirella, as she takes on the teenage vampire killer, Fluffy! This entertaining yarn is written by Mark Rahner and drawn by Cezar Razek, with an eye-popping cover from Nick (Wolverine and the X-Men) Bradshaw! Make sure to pick up a copy of Vampirella VS. Fluffy this October!!!

In Vampirella VS. Fluffy, Young, horny high school couples are being horribly mutilated by demonic Puritans. Time for Fluffy to take a study break and kick some supernatural ass! Meanwhile, Fluffy’s pals are wagging their tongues at the hot new substitute teacher – Vampirella. When the iconic vampire and the teenage warrior face off, the clash is more epic than stripes and polka dots! Vampi continues to tear her way through pop-culture vampirism in dark, brutal – and cathartic – satire

“Here’s what I’m doing: putting Vampirella in other people’s pop-culture vampire worlds and having her react to them – and tear the hell out of them,” says writer Mark Rahner!” In Vampirella Annual #2, I sent her to the fictional town of Spoons and put her in the middle of a “Gloaming” con where all hell broke loose and everyone got showered with blood. (That was based on my trip to Forks, Washington, to see how the little town was taken over by the “Twilight” craze. I didn’t get a blood-shower, but you can find “Mark Rahner Confronts Twilight” on YouTube.) The idea was to strike a balance between satire that’s both biting and affectionate – hey, I’m a big horror nerd, too – and some disturbing brutality. Now I’m sending Vampirella to high school, where she crosses paths with one “Fluffy the Vampire Killer.” When the iconic vampire who doesn’t look like someone in a cheap, rubber mask meets a superhumanly perky, acrobatic – vampire-killer, the confrontation is going to result in lots of breakage and pain. But also, how would Vampirella react to the relentless, cute pop-culture quips of Fluffy and her gang? And there’s the problem of hormonal teens getting mutilated by demons in a school with an already-high body-count. Also, Vampirella is in hot-for-teacher dress part of the time. What else could you want? There are different sensibilities and rules – and fans – for all of these different fictional vampire universes. Vampirella is plunging into satirical versions of those settings, as well as sort of peeing on the territory and dominating them. Figuratively speaking.”

“Mark [Rahner] has shown that he is right writer for projects like this as he has the perfect, twisted grasp of pop-culture and what keeps satire from drifting into parody,” adds Dynamite Editor Joe Rybandt. “Fluffy fans, you’ve been warned!”



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