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5 Remakes We’d Actually Like To See!!!

The unfortunate truth is that most remakes are pre-destined to be awful. I’m not saying they’re all bad, there are some I rather like, but most of the recent ones never really had a chance to be good. Even if a passionate writer, director and cast are brought onboard they’re still essentially fighting an uphill battle against the reason they were hired in the first place. Money. If a studio owns a certain piece of recognizable property, when they opt to remake it they do so because they feel like it’s a secure financial decision (even if many recent ones have tanked). This means it’s already a film by committee even before the creative team is added. That’s an unhealthy, and usually unfixable, power dynamic for any production.

But what if that wasn’t the case? I mean, we can dream right? I know John Carpenter’s The Thing is always cited as one of the times they “got it right” – but the climate has changed a lot since 1982. I need only to point you in the general direction the 2011 version The Thing to illustrate how much. I suppose one of the recent ones that almost got it right was Dennis Iliadis’ 2009 remake of The Last House On The Left. It had the right idea in that most successful remakes update films that had interesting ideas, but weren’t necessarily great to begin with. Wes Craven’s 1972 TLHOTL is one of those films. It’s a totally incompetent mess (Craven got better later). But while Iliadis’ film is far superior in many ways, it bungles the themes and crosses the line. It allows the daughter to survive, which turns it from a revenge film into a survival film. And it also lingers on the rape scene for far too long. It’s a scene that’s even less necessary than it was before because the audience no longer needs to be sold on the revenge motif.

But at least it got close! It took an unwatchable film and made it watchable (again – except for the inexcusable context for that 5 minute assault)! What if we lived in a world where remakes were even better than this and actually hit their marks creatively? What are some of the famous properties that could use a good dusting off? Let’s indulge in the fantasy of a universe where remakes actually happen for semi-decent reasons!

If you can get onboard with that, head inside to check out which remakes we’d like to see! Then let us know yours in the comments!


I put this one first because they’re actually already on this. And in a way that looks cool too! It’s being produced by Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn (with a 0.9% chance of him directing). The original has its moments, but is far from being a knockout punch or anything resembling “taut”. An ideal candidate for a revisiting. Maybe they won’t even need our alternate universe fantasy to get this one right.


I know I’m going to catch hell for this one. I’ve already gone on record multiple times that I vote for AWIL over The Howling any day in the “werewolf movies of 1981” wars. It’s also one of my least favorite films by the great Joe Dante. But that doesn’t mean The Howling is bad, it’s a unique movie with some interesting ideas from both Dante and writer John Sayles. Today’s studios would badly botch a job this delicate, but I dream of a remake that could actually expand on this film’s satirical take on self-help retreats with the added panache of a decent budget and a less ridiculous ending. It would be nice for The Howling to feel scary again – sadly so many precious details would have to be executed so precisely that even my alternate universe paradigm would likely fail any attempt at rebooting this film.


Year after years a college professor keeps taking his students into the woods to hunt Bigfoot. He remains employed despite the fact that many of his students end up dead (or traumatized enough to cut their own wife’s throat after the pours out their vodka*). It’s a horrible movie, but it has enough wacky ingredients to be really fun if prepared properly. There’s not enough medium-budget Bigfoot movies that involve the deaths of college co-eds.

*She survives the slit throat long enough to grab a toaster and crawl into the bathroom where her husband is taking a soak and chugging some beer. Bleeding to death, she chucks the toaster in the tub with her dying breath. I’m not making this up.


I love Stephen King’s 1975 novel. It’s a great take on vampires and a great take on small towns and it has some of King’s best characters. But the 1979 mini-series didn’t do it for me (I didn’t see the the 2004 version). At the very least, maybe a good theatrical version of this story would restore balance to our universe after last year’s Fright Night remake.


The 1991 original had some cool elements and ideas, but it hasn’t really stood the test of time. It would be nice to get trapped in that house again, and for it to be scary again. There’s so much cool stuff in this movie – I just need a presentation refresh.

What about you? What’s a movie you’d like to see remade (assuming they get it right)?



  • FreddyKrueger13

    I’d like to see a Jaws remake, just with a R rating this time around

    • FreddyKrueger13

      Oh and Children of the Corn and Hellraiser

      • Merry Nightmares

        Hellraiser was one of those films that I obsessed over for a while after I watched it. I wanted to replicate the puzzle box, but I’m not so crafty with wood. Lol I think it would be interesting to see someone’s take on it, but it would make me a little nervous. That’s one of those that I would hate to be butchered. O.O

    • Anthony Lustmord

      I’m a big fan of the Maniac Cop films and feel that it can be a huge franchise if rebooted correctly. So that is a good choice. The Howling is a great movie, I think a remake would do it justice but like some posters say we gotta wait til the twilight/underwrold werewolf thing dies down to get a high quality wolf.

      I’d like to see a remake of The Moutain Of The Cannibal God. The original was a great exploitation film and I think they can remake that today and show a lot more, make it more exciting and really bring the story out. The male lead wouldn’t really matter, but they would need to have someone that can hopefully match Ursula Andress in the looks department. A blonde Megan Fox maybe would be good there.

      I’d also love to see a remake of Slumber Party Massacre. The original is campy and fun, and im not opposed to doing a remake that is as well, only id like to see more blood and nudity. Im not a big cgi fan but I think some drill/eye violence can be well done with todays technology.

      I also would love to see a REAL remake of Day Of The Dead, that nonsense with nick carter is horseshit. I think Savini would do it justice *just like his night remake* but if George would remake his film, making the movie he always wanted to make that would be a sight to see.

      I agree with some posters, I think a remake of Shocker is in order, again today it can be pushed to the limit and have something very dark.

      An IT remake would be great if it wasnt made for TV, otherwise i say leave it how it is.

      I also think THE STUFF remake is a winning idea!

  • bonerghost

    I like all those, Werewolf movies def need a brutal kick in the ass again. I’d love to see a fresh take on House or Pet Cemetery.

  • BrotherofTears

    I wish they’d do another version of The Amityville Horror. Neither adaptations do it justice. A mini-series version could work as long as it’s from a network that would give the filmmakers lots of freedom.

  • Rendrogy

    I’d like to give a big F-U to the poster of this article. Also, I’d like to state for the record that Maniac Cop rules, The Howling is better than AWiL, and People Under the Stairs? Seriously?!

    • EvanDickson

      You’re certainly welcome to disagree! Just having fun!

  • First and foremost, “Creature From The Black Lagoon”. Then “Carnival Of Souls” and “The Night Of The Hunter”. Oh, and “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”.

    • jgspooty

      I agree I would like to see a good remake of Carnival of Souls.

  • DeadGirlsDontSayNo

    House would be cool, Salem’s Lot is a good choice that old movie was dreadful. Wouldn’t mind seeing a fresh take on Ghoulies or maybe some of Full Moon’s stuff like Puppet Master & Subspecies

    • divisionbell

      Man what I wouldn’t give for a serious remake of House. The original is soooo damn good!

  • morehorror4me

    Another take on Event Horizon might be cool. I loved the premise but didn’t think the movie did the idea full justice. I agree with Salem’s Lot, too.

  • Danny!

    I would like to see, and summarily review and destroy, remakes of the first 4. If someone was to remake The People Under The Stairs, well that would just be bullshit.

    • forevermetal

      I think People Under the Stairs was perfect the way it was made. You cannot replace the villainous male character in that movie, or his sister accomplice. No one would do their characters justice.

  • KeepDoubting

    Love the original, but I’d like to see what they could do with a remake of the original “Sleepaway Camp.”

    But I’m guessing “Return To Sleepaway Camp” is as close as we’ll get…

    • Merry Nightmares

      Oh jeez, I remember Sleepaway Camp. It REALLY scared me, but I was so young when I saw it. The ending gave me nightmares for months. As an adult I watched it over again and even own the box set 1-3. Return to Sleepaway came I thought was horrible. I’m with you though, I’d like to see a remake of Sleepaway Camp too. I suspect it will never happen though. We can only hope.

  • RMWaters

    Wait, how come you cite the Last House on the Left remake as an example of a remake gone RIGHT? Yes, the original is flawed and suits all the criteria to be a suitable remake, but they proved that even with a decent script and good actors that it still didn’t work. Having more money behind it made the sexual violence less real than the 70s version, essentially making the remake moot. Saying the film would have been good if it wasn’t for the sexual violence is like saying a car would be great if it didn’t go so fast; it completely misses the point. I can understand you not liking sexual violence, but it IS a film about revenge (and you’re right about it changing meaning by having the daughter survive), and the original, even for its ineptness in many areas, is redoubtably disturbing on a primal level with its rape scene and the parents’ vengeance. So, yeah, you seem to have completely misunderstood why Last House on the Left is still remembered to this day and why the remake will main in its shadow.

    • RMWaters

      Thought, I’m with you with The Howling. Didn’t do it for me like it did it for others!

    • EvanDickson

      Never said it would be remembered more. Of course it won’t be. I just said it’s a better movie.

  • djblack1313

    don’t you dare touch THE HOWLING. it’s perfect as it is. and the original SALEM’S LOT is THE scariest (and best) vampire project ever and sports the scariest vampires ever. the remake of that was so bland and not scary. you know that all a remake would do is end up being as bad as the FRIGHT NIGHT remake.

    • Nothing333

      I’m with you Dj. Doesn’t touch these classics.

      • Nothing333

        Damn autocorrect. Don’t

        • djblack1313

          thanx Nothing333! 🙂

  • Didnt tnt do a Salem’s Lot remake a few years back

  • chubbystorm

    I think maybe Silver Bullet would be a good one maybe. I think Critters should be remade i loved all of them as they are but i think it be cool to see them redone. I think we need a better day of the dead remake i think they should do it the way G.R wanted it done the first time. It sounded a lot better to me.

    • djblack1313

      chubbystorm, i respect your opinion but PLEASE no remake of SILVER BULLET! 🙂 the movie actually holds up remarkably well even today! i freaking love that movie and Gary Busey is pitch perfect it it. it’s also spooky/creepy too.

  • djblack1313

    Evan, this article kind of pisses me off. why do you pick movies that are either fine as they are or have ALREADY been remade? there are 1,000’s of bad (i mean BAD bad) movies that are far more worthy of a remake than most of these movies.

    • EvanDickson

      I wanted movies that weren’t terrible, but that could be reinterpreted in an interesting manner. I also wanted movies that people had seen.

      I wanted movies that had lots of good elements in them, that were worthy of trying something new with. I don’t really count the Salem’s Lot thing as a remake.

  • SuperKilla

    Hills Have Eyes was the best example of a remake (not a reimagining) from the past decade.

    An I agree with K Black on a Creature from the black lagoon remake. I spit on your grave was a good idea to remake because the last 2 kills of the original were throw away kills but the so called remake although good was more of a reimagining.

    It’s hard to say what I would like to be remade but Bad Taste might be an idea.
    An I would say leave The Howling alone. The vibe of the film is one thing makes it special, no need to be remade.

  • Danny-E

    How about some rare straight to DVD flicks that should be remade.

    1. The Roost
    2. Five Across The Eyes
    3. Kill List
    4. Livid
    5. Trigger Man

  • EvilHead1981

    Considering the most recent Howling movie(Howling: Reborn) was a loose reboot(“Reborn” no doubt was meant to nudge that idea), I just don’t think a good Howling movie can be done in this day and age. I’d wait until the “popular notion” of what werewolves are(and hell, what vampires are) changes to come back to the sub-genre, because right now, I just don’t see any werewolf movies being popular UNLESS they go out pussy-tween love/teenage angst route to appeal to Twilight and MTV Teen Wolf fans. A serious werewolf flick(especially one like The Howling, that the majority of it’s characters are adult) just might not fly.

    And I hate to sound old, but remember back in the day, when kids and teens actually didn’t MIND horror movies that featured ADULT characters? We didn’t. Horror was horror, it could happen to anybody(adults, teens, children). Now, it’s like teens just can’t swallow anything if it’s a purely adult driven horror. I don’t know, maybe we were just more open minded.

    • EvanDickson

      Ugh I hated Howling Reborn. That shouldn’t matter in the alternate fantasy universe where remakes can be good!

  • Merry Nightmares

    The People Under The Stairs is actually one of my favorite Wes Craven films. I think the movie was excellent and if a remake was in the works I’d like to see an adaptation not an exact “remake”. After I saw the “remake” of Friday The 13th I was completely mortified and scared of the remakes. I would just want to make sure the film would be done justice, not trampled into the ground like they did with Friday The 13th.

    • I totally agree, the people under the stairs was absolutely, terrifying, perfect and should never be remade & Friday the 13th was complete garbage.

  • undertaker78

    I wish people would stop saying The Thing (2011) is a remake. It’s a prequel people! It would be like me saying Final Destination 5 was a remake. It’s a downright silly analogy.

    Many may hate the Fright Night remake but there are some people out there who enjoyed it for what it was. Most fans today act snobbish (yes, I’m sure I’ll be insulted with having horrible taste and being a stupid moron because no ‘true horror’ would like that crap) and NEVER seem satisfied.

    There are always going be cases where some remakes are horrid (The Fog, The Haunting, The Wicker Man). It doesn’t change the fact that some remakes are superior or just as good… well for anyone who is open-minded and fair enough to give the movie a chance.

    As for 5 movies that feel dated or had potential but didn’t live up to its full potential, and could use a remake, I would have to go with: 1) Chopping Mall, 2) C.H.U.D., 3)They Live, 4) Phantasm, 5) Videodrome. (These are 5 of my favorite guilty pleasures before anyone screams that they’re ‘classics’ and don’t need to be touched.)

    • Seal_Clubber

      I would LOVE to see a new CHUD. Also, Pet Semetary. The book was freaky as hell and the movie did not even come close to doing it justice.

      Hellraiser could be interesting too but it would be very, very hard to get right.

    • EvanDickson

      The Thing called itself a prequel, but had the heart of a remake.

      • djblack1313

        Evan, i agree. THE THING 2011 can call itself a prequel all day but it was still just basically a remake (and not a very good one at all).

        • Darkness69

          I second that.

    • Cherry_Reds

      I agree with the Phantasm would be an awsome remake just because the special effects were a bit dated when it was made, I would still love it anyways

    • A_Farewell_To_Arms

      I think the problem people have with the Fright Night remake is there nostalgia. I do not have that problem seeing as I saw the remake in the theaters and then watched the old one. An I have to say that the old one is maybe a touch better. I find the new to be very good as well and IDK what people say.

  • Joe-Banger

    Maniac Cop is being remade? Interesting! Oh and Bruce Campbell was in the original maniac cop in one scene. I wonder if he’ll be in the remake. And the Fright Night remake was’nt that bad, not great but I liked it. I hope someone remakes twilight and make an adult vampire film!

    • EvanDickson

      Campbell had a huge part in the original MANIAC COP.

  • Chadro

    Something Wicked This way Comes might be interesting

    • evilfairydust

      Something Wicked This Way Comes would be AWESOME. I love the original, but it would be great to see an updated, darker version.

  • FreddyKrueger13

    I wouldn’t mind a Cujo remake either (the books ending was much better than the films)

  • Actually Joe Banger Campbell was in the sequel for ONE scene.. but as i recall had a rather substantial role in the first. Granted it has been years. But i believe bruce was the male lead of the first. But killed off in the second. Robert Davi took on that role in 2 and 3.

    I love Critters.. but i could stand a reboot of critters more so than gremlins. And maybe take another shot at wes craven’s shocker. Felt like a total mess.. but if Mitch Pileggi still wants to rock Horace Pinker i say bring it on.


  • mav07

    People Under the Stairs still scares me. The house and the old couple/siblings are still fucking creepy to me. I don’t think it “needs” to be re-made, but I wouldn’t be against it.

  • I agree with practically everything in your review. I have often shared the same sentiment. Instead of filling this space with endless suggestions, I will make only one. “Waxwork,” from 1988. The original is fun, but I have often felt it has the potential to be more. So much more.

  • mav07

    and Childs Play is in dire need of a remake!

  • Cherry_Reds

    I love the people under the stairs, I think doing a remake would be a good idea just so they can make the cannibals in the basement more scary, they were not very scary in the movie, but I love the actors that play the “mother” and “father” I think it would be hard to find a replacement for them, they were the scary part in the movie for me not the cannibals

  • chubbystorm

    DJ yeah after i posted it i was like i was dumb to say silver bullet lol..though i watched a movie the other night Trucks that i think could maybe be redone. I do like the idea of maybe some DTV movies being remade some i think if more thought was put in to would be a great movie. i heard IT was being remade i believe that could be good but wont beat the orig. Tim Curry is just to good at being creepy lol

  • shutupanplay

    All i can say is… if they do make these remakes, i really hope they don’t use CGI! Puppetry, latex real blood and guts just like they used in the 80’s. I am so tired of seeing some half baked computer generated ghost or ghoul, pathetic.

  • shutupanplay

    I’m always so dubious about remakes… because honestly, how many have you seen and said “that was a good remake?” but in saying that, how about the Shinning or Misery?

    • The Shinning would be impossible but maybe Misery

      • shutupanplay

        Yeah, come to think of it, your right… The Shining would be impossible, it’s a Stanley Kubrick classic!

  • Joe-Banger

    Ok EvanDickson and Justin McGill I was wrong about Bruce Campbell’s role in Maniac Cop. So what? Heres something I read on another site Evan, I read that there will be another Maniac Cop sequel not a remake. Look it up, I think I saw that on Dread Central. Not sure.

    • EvanDickson

      lol I feel like you think I’m always arguing with you.

  • Joe-Banger

    Oh and there was a film called “Psycho Cop”. I think it had sequels too. I cant think of any movie that I would want remade except a new version of Krull and Highlander.

    • EvilHead1981

      With the bombing of John Carter and the Conan reboot, I don’t think Hollywood is eager to jump on the fantasy/sci-fi warrior adventure-type movies. Sucks, because I loved those types of movies back in the 80s. Was kinda hoping they’d come back in fashion(guess they won’t).

  • EvilHead1981

    I think Shriek of the Mutilated is the only notable title on the list that would DESERVE a remake because how dated it is, as well as how obscure it is to a lot of casual horror fans. Obscure, low-budget horror movies, IMO, are the best candidates for remakes. My personal list would be:
    10. The Boogens
    9. Spookies
    8. Alien Dead
    7. Bloody Birthday
    6. Mausoleum
    5. Flesh Eating Mothers
    4. Video Dead
    3. The Suckling
    2. The Outing(The Lamp)
    1. Deadly Spawn

    Others that aren’t as low budget, but I’d consider “great concept, horrible execution”, which could deserve a remake/reboot:

    – Shocker(something more darker, less goofy)
    – Rawhead Rex(get Barker on this one, so it could be GOOD)
    – Bad Dreams
    – Xtro(I might get some hate for it, but the original was all about the aliens and gore, the story was a bore)

    • morehorror4me

      Yes, Rawhead Rex deserves a remake. I liked the “idea” of Xtro (dad returns from aliens but is changed) and feel that could be further explored. Nice ideas. Hah, the Outing takes me back. Remember the Kindred with Rod Steiger? That could be interesting, too.

    • Nothing333

      Omg. This is a list of remakes I’d actually support. Great picks there!

    • turtlenipple

      Rawhead Rex would be fantastic if done well and completely practical

  • turtlenipple

    I’d love to see Cronenberg remake his own film, Rabid.

  • theres some movies out there that will never have a sequel…. why not re-introduce with a remake…
    -Night of the creeps
    – (not horror but-kind of) Johnny got his gun

    • EvanDickson

      I actually thought about NIGHT OF THE CREEPS but I think it is actually pretty close to perfect as it is.

    • turtlenipple

      Shivers would be awesome

    • EvilHead1981

      Shivers and Night of the Creeps was “semi-redone” with Slither(which is the modern take on the “alien/mutant slug transform hosts into zombies”.

  • divisionbell

    I have to say The Howling is definitely high on my list of remakes we need. But I agree that it would need to be done just the right way. I think it COULD be done, but I think it would most likely get botched. I would personally like to see a combination of Maniac Cop 1 and 2. The second was always my favorite.

    My other requests would be:

    1. Waxwork (so much potential it’s scary)
    2. A real Friday the 13th remake that actually takes place at summer camp.
    3. Children of the Corn (since no one has ever done the actual story with the giant worm monster at the end).

    • turtlenipple

      Pretty sure they didn’t the giant worm at the end of 4th.. but I agree, a faithful book adaptation played creepy as fuck would be great.

      • turtlenipple


  • divisionbell

    I have to add Creepshow. That movie is ripe for a remake!!

    • turtlenipple


      • divisionbell

        The original is absolutely brilliant. One of my favorites. I dont mean a straight up remake. Id want new stories. Like Grey Matter.

        • EvilHead1981

          What you want is a quasi-sequel. Something still related the Creepshow, and can technically be considered a sequel, but is called a “reboot” just to please modern fans. A new chapter, but not a remake of the stories in the first one. Basically, what Creepshow 3 SHOULD’VE been. I agree. They gotta get the fools who are messing around with the rights out of the picture and get Romero and King to produce a REAL Creepshow movie again.

  • gorehunter

    1. I would like to see some remakes but not necessarily previous horror flicks. For example Poseidon Adventure( In honor of Ernest Borgnine). Throw in some zombies and a vampire or two and I think you would really have something here.
    2. The Terminator meets Freddy Krueger. The fight scenes could be awesome.(Can robots have nightmares?)
    3. The House of Wax. Did you know that Charles Bronson was in the original with Vincent Price? They could make a much gooyer one in 3D!
    4.Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I think we are ready for one but with aliens with a very dangerous and very mean streak in them.(Some ass raping scenes could be done tastefully when they are kidnapped in the ship.)
    5.Independence Day starring George Bush. He gets killed and the country rewards the aliens for it. It might get a little mushy before the aliens start destroying the planet but it might be cool.
    There you have it my five remakes there could be plenty more but I haven’t thought of them yet. Maybe I’ll post more when I thnk of them.

  • Slasher17

    Ok, what the hell people!? How can anyone want a remake of any movie?? NO REMAKES!! Original new films going back to being ART instead of computer projects(cgi)should be made, not remakes! A remake of a classic will never have the history and great memories that the original has, and will never be as good. By wanting remakes, you are just encouraging Hollywood to keep on destroying more classics for money. Its like telling them that what they are doing wrong is right, so they will keep on doing it.. I seriously hope they stop remaking movies..

  • Joe-Banger

    Slasher17 is right for the most part but there films out there that really do need a remake! And no Evan I know when someone is arguing with me. I was up late brain storming ideas of what films should be added to this list and your other list.

  • niceguyeddie1971

    @ Evan: I dipise remakes but my philosophy is that you may as well take a stab at the lasics, no use remaking a B grade movie especially if they didnt get it right the first time around…I’d like to see Martin, The Changeling and mostly Burnt Offerings because Karen Black scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.

  • niceguyeddie1971

    Classics, not lasics…lol

  • pantenkind

    I think some of you are missing the point of the story. We know Hollywood bungles movies, has no imagination etc.. We are assuming that Hollywood will have nothing to do with it. My list compromises a couple that are not horror but should be…here they are in no particular order.

    The wizard of oz- You have an evil witch, creepy midgets, flying monkey demons, a tin man with an axe…I wont go on, we all seen the movie..Anyways, done right this is a prime movie for a horror conversion.

    Johnny got his gun- I couldnt believe someone else on here actually mentioned it. Think about the premise here again, a guy who cannot speak, see, no arms or legs. Talk about one seriously disturbed psychological horror flick.

    Nightmare on elm street- Please let me explain this one, Freddy Krueger was a child murdering pedophile. Forget the jokester Freddy (I was hopeful they would in the recent movie, but of course they went there) and give us the raw evil freddy of our nightmares. I think this would be a prime movie for Rob Zombie to go nuts on provided he had complete control from beginning to final cut.

    Another movie I think could be fucking frightening as all hell would be for them to redo Phantasm. The entire premise of that movie is pure terror.

    Well I was going to add a couple more but in the end I think the biggest problem Hollywood has is its so afraid to actually tell a real scary fucking story. Everything now has to be these in your face ghosts that look like shit. Give us some real terror, we are adults and we can take it.

    Tell me what you think.

  • Totally agree on The Howling, except I actually liked it. (Maybe ’cause I was a little kid when it first came out.)
    Here’s my list:

    5. The Howling
    4. Creepshow. – (Don’t let Romero near it. He’s completely lost it.)
    3. Basket Case
    2. Pieces – Who’s got the balls to remake this one?
    1. Just Before Dawn

    Bring it!

    • Pieces??? No, tell me you’re kidding.. that movie is near perfect as it is…. DO NOT TOUCH THIS ONE! Well, I would like to add that I would appreciate another attempt at solidifying a better story on previous films that had potential as creepy when they first were made, but failed miserably. A small example of these, of course:

      Spasms (Invite Tangerine Dream back for the soundtrack of remake)
      Blood Beach
      Waxwork (as I mentioned in an earlier post)

      **This last one is included only on a partial recommendation… that they fix the ending!

      Dead & Buried, but only on the basis that the ending completely negates what the main character (our main portal into this world) has experienced. It’s the only thing that pissed me off about the film… other than that, I thought it succeeded in atmosphere and texture. An otherwise great horror film, until the last few frames..

      • Sorry, forgot to add Mortuary to this list. When I first saw the trailer to this film as a kid, it scared the crap out of me. Then I saw the film, and well… blah..

  • I would love to see a remake of Salem’s Lot! was a favorite of mine when i was little and still is now.

  • Darkness69

    I think the 2004 Salem’s Lot is excellent, you should give it a try, Evan. As for other movies on your list, People Under The Stairs would be nice to revisit. But no CGI and cheap scares! That goes for any remake actually.

  • maniac cop?? i really dont wanna see that remake!! people under the stairs could be great if they follow the story something that raraly happens! suspiria is being filmed right know and i cant wait to see it! i would like to see the shining , the return of the living dead prom night 2 hallo mary lou , demons 1 + 2 and maybe graduation day if they make it better than the original…..


    They gotta remake ‘THE STUFF’
    Who could forget the ‘chocolate chip charlie’ scene?!



  • I disagree, STRONGLY, with the notion of remaking Videodrome or Phantasm, but I love the idea of another pass at Rawhead Rex, which to me seems like the perfect candidate for a remake. I’d also like to see a sequel to the remake of the Blob.

  • I’d like to see a remake of Maniac. The only good thing about that movie was the dvd cover. It was a good idea but delivered poorly imo.

  • Joe-Banger

    Maniac already has a remake comoing out and it has the wrong guy in the lead role. I hope Tom Savini does the effects for it like in the original Maniac.

    • EvilHead1981

      Isn’t Tom Savini not really doing SFX anymore. From what I hear, he’s only acting(and directing).

  • #1 – Hellraiser, Barker needs to hurry up and fix it because this bullshit has been going on way to long.

    #2 – It – The movie was great but ruined by the ending, could have been amazing.

    #3 – Pumpkinhead – I know I will catch heat for this but it has not aged well and would be great to see done up right.

    • guibox

      I think Pumpkinhead (the first one) is a great movie on it’s own. Doesn’t need to be remade.

      I haven’t watched all of It because I’m a stickler for books and from what I saw, the miniseries killed a lot of it. I don’t know if It could be given justice on screen. Definitely not in one movie. Would have to be a miniseries. Unless it was going to follow the book very closely and capture all the horror and characterization King made it to be, AND be released in theaters and not on TV, I wouldn’t even welcome a remake of that. Another of my favorite King books.

  • Evil_Flip

    wow what has the world come to. now we are making the lists!? Have we accepted that they’ll keep remaking everything? Have we given up? that’s just f-ing sad.

  • Joe-Banger

    @EvilHead1981, you are probably right but I still think he would do it. I plan on going to a special efx school myself some day in PA given the chance. All other horror buffs should also go.

  • Why is it that horror movies are constantly being remade? Generally if they are worth remaking there was probably something good/memorable about them, otherwise, why bother, But WHY BOTHER? There was something good/memorable and we can still enjoy them. You don’t see directors lining up to remake Prince of Tides, Beaches, or Caddy Shack. But you can bet if there was a horror movie made before 1990 there will eventually be a remake. Sometimes it’s really good, like The Thing, The Fly, and The Blob, I can’t imagine not having these films in my life, but why is horror a genre that treats it’s art as expendable and replaceable? I know the studios don’t give a shit, but what about the writers and directors who keep signing up to do them? Wouldn’t they rather be doing something original?

    • shutupanplay

      Wise words my friend, wise words!

  • SchismOctopus

    Puppet Master and Hellraiser for me.

  • DragonSlayer111

    Dee Snider’s Strangeland hahahaha kidding..or am i?

  • Joe-Banger

    If Dee Snyder’s StrangeLand deserves a remake then so does Martyrs! I havent seen Martyrs yet but I read about it online a few minutes back and it sounds great! I dont give a F*** about what anyone says, StrangeLand kicked original horror ass!

  • MAD_Z

    MAD Z Productions is doing a remake of “La plus longue nuit du diable” (AKA The Devil’s Nightmare) and should fall into the category of improving upon the original!

  • zog71

    My deal is not so much what I would like to seen remade or re-imagined, its just that it seems when a film is redone, a lot of what made it fun for an individual watch just seems to be gone. I believe remakes need to be like the original, not necessarily shot for shot like Psycho, but very close like the original. Some change the leads from male to female, and vice versa (The Hitcher remake). Some change the back story (Nightmare on Elm Street), even taking maybe a supporting character and making them an after thought (the Fright Night remake). I don’t mind remakes/re-imagings, it just that they don’t bring any feelings of what it was like when someone had watched the original, good or bad. Also, try more practical effects, CGI works great for some films, but too much takes away what should make you believe is real. Lastly, if you do remake a film, don’t tone it down to get a bigger audience. If the original is R the remake should be R, don’t hold back.

  • Maialideth

    I know they’re not horror, but Star Wars ep 1-3 needs to be remade.

    A Nightmare on Elm Street – I expected so much more from the recent remake. The dream sequences sucked so much. Dreams are way more surreal than that (mine is anyway).

    Critters would be so cool to have remade. I loved the first two.

    Child’s Play – Definitely, and I think it’s already in the works, or is it just another sequel? I’m not sure.

    Return of the Living Dead – The original worked, no doubt about it, but it is very much stuck in time. Would be nice to see it updated to today.

    • BluWave

      Childs play si going into a remake and sequal that ignorne’s Everything form bride of chucky to the last one. it’s supsose to be a lot darker and brad dorfit is back.

      as for nightmare i agree with you. should of ghad more different dreams and more surrreal. i flet they played it safe and Jack earl haley was pretty good as Freddy.

  • Tavern of Terror

    The Creature from the Black Lagoon is long overdue

    • BluWave

      But would be SOOOOOOOOOOO Amazing to see it now done right. Garry Ross should write and direct it. or have Cronenberg do it =D

  • EvilDead-Deuce

    A Night In Paris

  • db1250

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a remake of Christine (1983), An American Werewolf in London (1981), The Burning (1981) and Witchboard (1986).

    • guibox

      Man…I wouldn’t touch AWIL. That is just a classic that cannot be outdone. Nobody should try and replicate by make-up effects or CGI the genius that Rick Baker accomplished with this movie. No…this classic should stay as it is!! I agree with Christine and Witchboard though.

  • hatchetian

    Silver Bullet……………….

  • FatGod

    I don’t get the L.H.O.T.L. bashing.
    Two innocent people are brutally victimized by a reprhensible group of sociopaths.
    Horrific – but well deserved – revenge follows.

    Sure, none of the actors were great in the traditional sense. But the “gang” made very convincing nutjobs (especially David Hess),the two girls did a great job in making you believe they were being put through hell on earth, something so terrible, it made the brutal murders at the end justifiable.

    And finally, the parents reacted in violent and vindictive manner (like most parents in that situation would), and then felt a bit of fear and remorse (as i’m sure it’s hard not to after ending anyone’s life).

    Strikes me as a “could-really-happen” situation, not ruined by big budgets and overacting.

    And never seen the remake, but i think the point of extending the rape scene, is that if the rape is worse than the original, than the vicious revenge is still justifiable, even if she survives. So I don’t really feel it would be unnecessary or “inexcusable” to make a nastier rape scene.

    Just my (long-winded) opinion.

    Anyway, as remakes go, I’d really like to see a miniseries version of “Dreamcatcher”. Preferrably for HBO or Showtime (or just straight-to-DVD/VOD) so it doesn’t have to be “clean” or “network-safe”.

    I thought the movie they did was entertaining, but I’m a huge fan of the book, and I’d love to see a longer, more faithful and detail-oriented version.

    Maybe even use some unknown (but talented) actors, since seeing Jason Lee as “Beaver” (while fun) takes you right out the story.

  • CarrieForPromQueen

    Please god they never remake Jaws, that’s my favourite film in the land! I liked the LHOTL remake, one of the only remakes I do like.And is the people under the stairs not a bit recent to be remade? I like it the way it is!
    I don’t like when fairly recent films are remade with an american/english cast. For example, Let the Right One In and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Both films were amazeballs as they were, why make it without subtitles? You will never improve upon them! If the reasoning is ‘to appeal to a wider audience’, then maybe the peeps who can’t be bothered to read shouldn’t be allowed to appreciate the awesomeness! So there!

  • BluWave

    I’d honestly like to see a remake of Peter jackson’s the frighteners. It’s one of my favorite films but i’d do it right, expand on the back-story of characters cut the begging because it didn’t make any sense. Tighten the script more add less humor and have Micheal J. Fox in a cameo role.

    I do agree with the rest, thought. Howling, could be done right with todays work. get john landis who added the pain effect that is now common with werewolves today, and who knows?

  • Crown

    I liked Return to Salem’s Lot!

    • BluWave

      name of a reboot/squeal to the novel. Return to Salem’s Lot.

  • Decapitated_Dave

    Motel Hell. Gore Gore Girls.

  • lurch313

    Humongous remake would be nice.

  • aofownder1

    Since it is highly unlikely that we will ever see the original get the dvd or even blu-ray treatment it deserves….I’d vote for a remake of Nightbreed.

  • guibox

    It’s not so much that I have a problem with remaking movies (other then the fact that it is completely unoriginal and a cash cow for the studios), but that most of the remakes suck as they lose what made the originals good!

    Halloween is a classic and should NOT have been tampered with. But if Zombie had actually made a GOOD version, it could have been forgivable! Instead we were treated to some rehashed ‘bad upbringing Michael Myers’ instead of the mysterious,’spirit of Halloween-evil personified’ like Carpenter’s Michael Myers. It was awful.

    Also, movies that should be remade should be old movies that many have not seen or have come and gone quickly, not franchises that have been recently rebooted or still going strong (like the Child’s Play and Nightmare on Elm Street). There should be some time distance there.

    Having said that, some of the movies I’d like to see redone (and redone well!!) would be

    1. Christine – King’s novel is one of my favorites and even though Carpenter has made amazing movies, Christine was NOT one of them, especially as far as a book to movie adaptation goes. I would love for it to be done and given the book justice on film!

    2.Basket Case – A remake of this film should be more serious but with the CGI of today (instead of cheesy clay-mation), the story could work well! I know the campiness of it is intended and what makes the movie a cult classic but those kind of movies worked for their time. It wouldn’t work now. Best to do it in a different vein of context.

    3. Drive-In Massacre – This gem could be given pretty good treatment (again…if done right!)

    4. Xtro – I will admit that I have never seen this movie all the way through and was quite young when I saw a bit of it. I had heard things of it too though and it disturbed the crap out of me! Not too many people have heard of this movie. Would be interesting to see what they could do with it today!

    5. The Changeling – Hollywood today has a tendency to screw up the basic ‘haunted house’ premise. I’ve yet to see any decent haunting movie come out. I know this is a classic and it is a great movie…but Lord, we NEED some good haunted house movies that don’t involve zombies and ghosts that act and manifest like physical monsters eating people and other crap like that.

    Paranormal Activity came close until they went into the stupid possession angle and copped out with the stupid ending that it did.

  • houdini

    Any true movie lover should NOT want to see ANY movies remade. The movie industry should start using their freaking imaginations and quit making money off other people’s ideas. I am getting sick of seeing the same movies over and over, or another TV show made into a movie. Leave the originals alone and start earning your money, Hollywood. Plus, the audience needs to start acting like they have an IQ over 2 and start demanding quality. NO MORE REMAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Holy Moly, you are a dummy. And you don’t write very well, either. Salem’s Lot is the best vampire movie ever made and The Howling is the best werewolf movie ever made. Not impressed? You’re a half-wit. Put down the chocolate and have a salad. Twit.

  • Rick-Taylor

    The House by the Cemetery. This movie had so much going for it; awesome premise, great settings, great title, great trailer, great cover artwork, great theme, awesome death scenes. But it really turned out to be such crap. Bad acting, horrible script, scenes that don’t make any sense, bad character design, THAT FUCKING BOY! An update of this movie done with passion can far succeed the original.

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