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Anna Is Watching You, Can You Point And Click Your Escape?

After the success of Amnesia, the point and click horror nightmare it’s not a surprise more scary point and click games are surfacing. Most fall to the wayside but I have a good feeling about Anna. Anna plays off of your mental heath as you go through the game solving puzzles and facing presences in the games locations. Depending on your mental health different things change throughout the game which in the end will give you one of 3 possible endings. The game takes place in a recreated Old Saw Mill that actually exists in Valle d’Aosta, Italy. Check out some screens, videos and game info past the break. If you are interested in the game it comes out July 16th on the PC. You can PRE-ORDER it now to save a dollar, bringing the price from $9.90 to $8.99.

– Evocative setting: a faithful reconstruction of an old sawmill actually existing in Valle d’Aosta, Italy
– 3D real time graphics with dynamic light effects
– 3 different endings based on the mental health of the main character
– Soundtrack composed by the italian gothic/progressive band Chantry



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