More Myers Rumors to Smash to Pieces

Man I wish the Hulk was a real dude, then every time a rumor got squashed we could bring him out of the closet to do the smashing. Anyways, Fango got the scoop on the latest rumor regarding Halloween 9, which probably means it’ll be toast within a few days. But hey, they are fun to read aren’t they? Read on to see what the latest of where the Myers camp could be heading…
Fangoria writes:

“A source got in touch with FANGORIA with some news about the ninth HALLOWEEN film, currently in development. “The new movie is called HALLOWEEN: ASYLUM,” the scooper tells Fango, “and it’s being written by Matt Venne—whose spec horror script SECOND SIGHT is being produced by Clive Barker’s Seraphim Films—for SUICIDE CLUB’s Sion Sono to make his North American directorial debut. HALLOWEEN: ASYLUM is being set in Smith’s Grove, which became a maximum security penitentiary/asylum after the breakout of ’78. It’s filled with deranged killers and Michael is awaiting execution, harking back to the horror-hospital setting of HALLOWEEN II. This is not going to be some neutered VS. movie, not filled with campy one-liners, etc. Rather, it takes the iconic Michael Myers back to his roots in a very cool setting. It’s really serious/scary/suspenseful in tone, like all the best HALLOWEEN films have been.” No one from the HALLOWEEN camp has officially confirmed these details, but we’ll let you know more as we find it out.”

Source: Fangoria