[San Diego Comic-Con '12] Dark Sky's Image Collage Feature 'Hatchet III' & 'Frankenstein's Army'

Dark Sky Films is teasing their upcoming releases in the following image collage that’s on display at the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con. It features the previously released art from several titles including BJ McDonnell’s Hatchet III, which is now in post-production; Richard Raaphorst’s Frankenstein’s Army, also in post; Conor McMahon’s evil clown movie Stitches, seeking a release; and Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s demonic Here Comes the Devil.

Click any title above for information on all films.

darkskycomic con 1024x640 [San Diego Comic Con 12] Dark Skys Image Collage Feature Hatchet III & Frankensteins Army

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