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[San Diego Comic-Con ’12] Is ‘Twilight’ A Gateway To Horror? Fans In Line Speak To Bloody…

Evan Dickson (@EvanDickson) reports live from the San Diego Comic-Con: The “Twilight” fanbase is one of the more maligned groups of people out there. So much so that there was no shortage of jokes yesterday when one of them was sadly killed in an accident while waiting in line for Thursday’s Hall H panel. That’s some seriously unearned hate and it’s pretty sad that someone waiting in line for Pacific Rim or something thinks that someone else’s life is worth less than theirs because of a divergence in taste.

As much as I dislike “Twilight” itself, the fact remains that we have a lot in common with fans of that franchise – the fact that we’re fans of something. It’s one thing to playfully chide your friends, but anyone who is passionate about something ultimately deserves to have their fandom respected.

I just caught up with two groups of Twilight fans outside of Hall H. Both have been here for days. And while one group is here strictly for the romance aspect of the series, another group (the very first people in line) says the “Twilight” saga actually opened them up to horror in general. Who knows? Maybe in two more years they’ll be here to see Guillermo Del Toro.

  • Nothing333

    The only gateway Twilight provides is one to Mormon values and bad writing. That aside though people having a laugh over a real tragedy are insensitive pricks bereft of humanity.

  • djblack1313

    it’s also possible to like both hardcore horror AND the TWILIGHT (or it’s ilk) movies. horror is my main love but i also like guilty pleasure movies like the TWILIGHT movies.

    and Nothing333, i agree that anyone making jokes or laughing at yesterday(?)’s tragedy at the comic-con TWILIGHT event are sad fucks.

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